I'm a student texture artist and I'm looking to make a weapon replacement (For the AKS-74U most likely, but I think it would be a good fit for the M4 as well). I've sourced my SR3-M Vihkr model from Gamebanana (credit to SAM61), and started texturing. [Image: ogNb8KkV95qIyL5pA9g6oJq4Kn6UrGUUu1AD2JzX5Eo?size_mode=5]
I have also textured the PBS suppressor and rail that comes with the Vihkr
[Image: A-Kms4aue-XNLuWGNYipSh9gvyKxxCnrAHEuN2cyhoU?size_mode=5]
The texture is still a work in progress, as it's not quite Source-ready and there's a couple edits I want to make.

I have zero knowledge of animating, rigging etc, let alone compiling for Source, and I'd be really happy if someone wants to put this gun in the game and will collaborate with me.
I have experience in texture mods for Insurgency, so I know my way around GCFscape and VTFedit, but not model edits.

I will provide all the maps and working documents with a PM, if anyone's interested.

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