Since we're aiming to synchronise third with first person (head view and alignment) will there be a chance that we'll have that underhand charging for the AK-74 and its brothers?

Btw the AKS-74U's 3rd person animation is the M16A4's.
It wasn't mentioned anywhere that there is any true "synchronization" of first and third person animations, sorry if it was misleading but no there wont be. Underhand bolt pulls aren't very realistic operations for Insurgents and I'm not going to have aks separated for Security and Insurgents just for different bolt pulls. Yes it would be cool but it wont be a game changer it's just a visual change which any talented animator could pull off for a weapon mod.

I did it that way in third person because the way the world models work is they're parented to the right hand, so breaking them away from the right hand for a right handed bolt pull requires using a system similar to that the shotgun and bolt action uses, but to do that for every rifle is a lot of work (plus underhanded looks cool in third person in my opinion)

And the AKS-74U world model has been set to the correct third person animations since the last beta test Smile
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