Whoa! Another Bridge Crossing map! Actually, this is a re-release of my 2010 release for the Insurgency mod. Long story short, I'd received an e-mail from a guy named David asking me if I could re-release the level or release the source files or something along those lines -- so I've decided to do both!

This level was made around 2007 for DoD:S before being released in 2010 for the Insurgency mod and, now, in 2016 for Insurgency stand-alone. It's so old (and, honestly, has some design problems that I don't have time to commit to) that I just want to release it for everybody, if anybody wants to take ownership. For example, somebody could add small towns to both ends of the bridge so players won't spawn in an open area.

Level download:

Source files (.vmf) can be downloaded under 'Bridge Crossing' on my site:

[Image: mFETTeo.jpg]
[Image: ncPMDQr.jpg]
[Image: oOmk9Gc.jpg]
[Image: hjwXgqu.jpg]
The ambiance looks amazing! Well done sir!

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