Hunt Suppressors
Hello guys, as you can see this os regarding the suppressors for Hunt. As we pretty much know, it's all bout picking off targets in a sneaky fashion and blowing up a cache at the end.

At the start we had suppressors. It was cool, some of us did not use it and chose to shine their flashlights in our NVGs, but at the very least when the whole squad is suppressed, we can easily have a blast.

Now, while Hardcore playlists allow suppressors, your classic and elite loadouts do not allow suppressors on all classes. This is weird in my opinion, because the whole point of Hunt is to be stealthy, and we need suppressors for the job, especially since the comms told us "use your suppressors, move slow, be deliberate". Sure suppressors aren't all realistic in the hands of the everyday rifleman, but it is necessary to the game, and was what made that mode so enjoyable.

So my question is, will it be possible for suppressors to return to all classes on Hunt? We may not need them on Checkpoint, but it is a big part of gameplay on Hunt.

Insurgent Suppressor Models
And on the matter of suppressors, will there be a chance of us getting our Insurgent suppressors back?

Some of those suppressors look really natural especially on the AKs. The AK-74 and AKM look fantastic with the PBS-1 and likewise for the AKS-74U and the PBS-4. It's just odd not to have them.

The RPK in hardcore still has its PBS-1, I know it's probably oversight but I do hope that the AK suppressors return to us, even if the makeshift cloth suppressors don't.
Will bring this up to the team. Thanks for the suggestion.
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Bump? I guess.
Sounds pretty good. Would like to see that in-game.

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