I had a text too long for the magazine count onscreen in spanish, because the word "CARGADORES" is too long for the UI element, and I changed it to "CARGAD.". So I messed around a bit and eventually managed to solve it.
I was so glad I could find out how to translate texts that I checked missing translations and fixed them too. Still, there are some of them left in english, but I'm pretty happy with that.

Here's the stable version:

However, they're not modified automatically and need to manually copy the file from the Steam Workshop local directory to CUSTOM directory of Insurgency game.
I opened a thread with the problem in Steam 
and New World Interactive forums

Tell me your impressions of the mod spanish people. Thanks!


I translated Insurgency Day of Infamy mod. Here is the link:

Day of Infamy version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=604083903

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