I have developed a mod to filter vulgarity from the audio in Insurgency but when a new update is released the mod breaks because the audio files names or contents change.  I was wondering if it would be possible to include a list of the audio files and the dialog they contain so I can do a search  for a set of words and swap the audio files with clean versions.  
This for some folks would be very much appreciated, to include me. Smile
I admin two servers and would like to have one of them for younger members of my family to play.
Thank You.
Is this serious? Some swearing is bad but killing each other with blood and ragdolls is okay? Alright! I guess Sex is something forbidden too?

What is this nonsense? Your familiy members will hear and learn these words anyway and when the education does it the right way they will know when to use them or not.
So f u c k it. This idea doesn't make any fucking sense.
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