Today posted on my Steamworkshop!

Original idea/map is from Bad Company 2. The Source engine has his limitations, so I had to keep that in mind for creating this map. I would be happy to know how the FPS is in PVP and COOP modes.

COOP modes:
- Checkpoint
- Conquer
- Hunt (2 caches and 1 destructible vehicle)
- Outpost (Protect a minivan)

PVP modes:
- Ambush
- Infiltrate
- Elimination
- Strike
- Skirmish
- Elimination
- Occupy
- Push

I know it's not an original idea of building a map, but during the process of building this map I learned new things that I can use for new projects and for updates on my 2 previous maps.

some previosuly recorded raw footage:
[Image: Insurgency2United.png]


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