Im keen to have a play with Hammer but its been so long im no where near upto date im not sure if im doing it wrong. When i start the Sdklauncher in C:\steam\steamapps\common\insurgency2\bin, it only bring up the green box with no text, icons are there but nothing else. When hammer is selected it opens very briefly then shuts straight back down. what am i doing wrong, do i need some extra files? im runing windows 7 ultimate 64bit

oh and i also have my steam installaion split, main steam folder on my E: drive and just insurgancy on my SSD C:
wow gee thx guys
Missing text on the launcher is nothing new dude, I think it's a font issue with win 7 but it opens for me :/

I think maybe you're onto something with your last line, idk?
Open the GameConfig file in your insurgency2\bin folder. Make sure all of the directories in that file are set to correct locations of your harddrive.
checked and all point to correct locations still wont work,
Try launching Hammer.exe directly from the \insurgency2\bin folder. Don't use the SDK launcher.

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