Hei there,

One thing that could really help the comp scene growing is a "changelevel-vote" option. I heard it means a lot of work, but this one is crucial.

Not everyone has an own matchserver. By that we, as e.g. ESL Community, could lease our servers with the serverpw to other teams easily. They can do everything they want on it, just by using the voting system.
Right now there always has to be a Serveradmin online to provide mapchange etc.

For Pugs/Gathers, or especially ESL VERSUS, its needed, so its not always about: is there someone joining with a server? I hope so...

Do you plan on adding that? plzplzplz, just that one thing for Xmas Smile
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Seconding this.

A mapchange vote would be much more comfortable than killing ourselves via console until max rounds are reached.

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