We are releasing a hot-fix today to resolve several bugs and exploits. Change list below:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed exploit in Push that allowed players to roam around freely in restricted areas.
  • Human players are spawned instantly after a capture in Conquer to prevent issues where players didn’t spawn because the capture zone became contested.
  • Reduced bandwidth usage slightly during highly populated games.
  • Fixed a server crash when a bot had no weapon.
  • Possible fix for a server crash relating to spectator.

  • Updated M9 texture.
  • Fixed broken bolt on the animations for the M4A1 and M16A4.

  • Buhriz: Clipped roofs on several buildings
Michael Tsarouhas - Community Manager and Voice Over Director for New World
Hi. I haven't played Ins for some time (about a month or two). Today I started it and noticed something strange - movement became very sluggish, like, there is a big inertia in how player moves. It takes about a second for a player to reach full walking speed. I would be ok with that only if it wasn't most noticeable (and annoying) when you strafe while walking forward - now you don't start moving diagonally (almost) immediately.

I tried to find information about that in changelogs but didn't find anything related. Is this change intended? When was it introduced?
I found two threads on steam forums with people reporting similar issue but I still trying to figure out if it's a bug or intentional change.

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