Finally two maps that suit 16vs16 gameplay, atleast thats the feeling I have when going through the maps (singleplayer).

Iam really excited about mappers putting more detail into the new streets of contact update by update.

One wish / suggestion for both maps:
Dont do small objectives, e.g.
Firefight B on Kandagal should be the ENTIRE area inside the concrete walls around the building, not just two rooms of the building.
Same with Firefight B on Contact, please do the ENTIRE Building, both floors. SO its more of a battle to "clear" the obj of blocking enemies than simply rushing in, speedcapping and going out again. Gameplay will change a lot then I bet (more like PR).

What I would love to see:
A new version of peak, not in the woods but still in the mountains, more sunny, more sandy, more orange (like the (best) parts of kandagal) might bring this map back on the servers.. I havent seen anyone playing it for months :/

GJ NWI Mappers!

Finally maps that might bring me back to public play (IF there are official 16 / 24 slot playlists/theaters)! Smile
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

Re: Kandagal

Subject: Block Sight Lines Into Insurgent Spawn

In most game modes, Insurgents are required to spam smoke 15m out of spawn in order to even get out. That map could use with a bit of tweaking.
Kandagal is a real hard map to win as the pushing team in PUSH, there seems to be too many choke points that you have to get through. IF you have a good team it's totally doable and good fun BUT when you just play random PvP servers you rarely have a full good team.

Contact on the other hand is an awesome map on all game modes, love it.

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