We have a lot of great mods and custom content in our community, and our team wants to try and help them with their needs.

If you are a modmaker working on a mod or custom theater like with Operator, the Lua servers, InsurgenZ, SOCOM Insurgency, Born To Kill, Bullet Time, SERNIX Coop, Mud & Blood, or others, we can help you on the official development side. We can do things like create specific convars that will help you in your mod's design. You can let us know here in this thread what would help you, and we can figure out if it is something we are able to do.
Michael Tsarouhas - Community Manager and Voice Over Director for New World
1st off I want to say thanks to you Mikee, for this thread, and to everyone else at NWI for the help and support you have gave to myself and other modders. Without your support we could not have made or played the mods already out or those still W.I.P. Thank you.

After the last couple of updates I feel most of the main issues have been resolved. The changes made with what is in the core theater, the ability to add custom sounds, particles, localisation, animations all without causing any conflicts to the base game makes it so much easier. The workshop now accepting multiple files is another great step forward which should really just unleash people who were unable to make large mods easily accessible for players.

Linux support is something which is being improved upon in the beta right now. I hope this will lead to fixes for linux servers, as this is something which would really help.

An issue I have raised several times is my inability to get skin_famlies to work via the theaters. It is something I have heard from others who have also tried and failed to make it work.

Personally I want to do a good blood loss system where you continue to bleed after a non lethal wound unless you use or receive a trauma kit type object. Now I don't know if it's possible for a bleedout cvar to flag a wounded player as bleeding. Then a new item which can only be used on a player flagged as bleeding clears that flag? This was an issue I was going to tackle once lua support was included if I'm honest, but while you asked Big Grin

Lua is something I think most want to know more about. What will be exposed and what limits will be placed on it to keep the overheads down.

Coming back to the theaters, is there a rocketdeceleration value? Only i would like to make changes to rockets based on their profile. So maybe a hollow point rocket would slow faster than a stub nosed rocket which would have more drag than say a sabot round.

Is the gravity gun in? Only for those who the force is strong that might work wonders Wink

Free aim sensitivity is something else i know a couple modders are wanting to test.
Thanks, glad you appreciate it, we appreciate the stuff you guys are doing.

With Lua, it's most likely that the first thing we'll get working with it is custom game mode support, making it easier to create custom game modes. From there we'll expand on other capabilities. We don't have any details just yet.

So if I'm hearing you correctly:

1. skin_families are broken and working improperly, can you be more specific?
2. You would like a blood loss system where a slow bleeding death could be stopped by a trauma kit? I would say this sounds advanced and more for once we get Lua, but if you elaborate a bit maybe we can see about what we could do. It sounds more complicated than just a "bleed out" cvar though.
3. A rocketdeceleration value
4. The gravity gun
5. Free aim sensitivity
Michael Tsarouhas - Community Manager and Voice Over Director for New World
Hey Mikee, thank you for opening this topic. I'm from the Insurgency+ Tactical Rebalance mod.

1. One of the critical missing features is a menu option to adjust the freeaim sensitivity. Currently, the freeaim sensitivity feels too high to some players, and too low for others.

2. Have the helmet textures separated on the Light, Specialist, and Heavy security classes. They should be separated for the Insurgent classes as well.

3. Rework the current armor/ammo system so that damage is not based off of simple multipliers, but instead, have it based off of armor penetration.

That's all I have for now, but I'm sure AndyBroski can add more suggestions to this post.
I talked to one of our programmers about freeaim sensitivity. I'm told it's a bit complicated with the way free aim works, but it's possible. Something we'll keep in mind, cause I've heard it requested from several different people. I'll make a note of it.

The separate textures is a memory thing, so as of now we aren't able to do that. I'm told if you decompile and recompile them you can achieve what you need.

The rework of armor/ammo is a pretty huge change, if you mean that in the vanilla game. That being said, it's not out of the question, we've discussed possibly making changes to all that before. Just not something we can whip up very quickly.
Michael Tsarouhas - Community Manager and Voice Over Director for New World
Hey Mikee! A big thanks to you and the devs for opening up this topic. I'm the lead creator of the Tactical Rebalance Mod.

I have a couple of suggestions in addition to what smgunsftw has suggested.

1) Suppression

1.1) Have suppression modify weapon recoil in addition to sway radius and sway speed.

I would picture the method to be within the base_weapon.theater script and look sort of like this:
// This will be within the "recoil" block
    "0"          "1.0" // Normal recoil under no suppression (0%)
    "100"        "2.0" // 2.0x the recoil when fully suppressed (100%)

1.2) Add some extra visual effects to choose from

I really want to see an option to use the old insmod/red orchestra style "motion blur" suppression.

Here is a video example of what I mean by "motion blur" suppression:

Other than that, I would also like to see options for adding screen noise, color drain, and additional material overlays, all depending on suppression level of course.

I would place these additional options in the "suppression" block within the base_player.theater script
"suppression_resistance"      "0.05" // % reduction of suppression increment
"suppression_recovery_rate"      "10" // suppression % recovery rate

"suppression_style"             "edgeblur"
// defines the visual effect of suppression. "edgeblur" for the vanilla blur, "motionblur" for old insmod style suppression, "color" for a color drain effect, or "noise" to add screen noise

alternatively (and preferably) just enable/disable each feature you want individually

"suppression_resistance"    "0.05" // % reduction of suppression increment
"suppression_recovery_rate"    "10" // suppression % recovery rate

// 1 = enabled 0 = disabled

"suppression_edge_blur"         "1" // Vanilla insurgency suppression effect
"suppression_motion_blur"       "1" // a quick splash of motion blur each time a bullet near misses
"suppression_color_drain"       "1" // drains color out the more one is suppressed (black and white at full suppression)
"suppression_screen_noise"      "0" // fades in a noise effect (effect becomes stronger the more one is suppressed)
"suppression_overlay"           "1" // fades in a material
"suppression_overlay_material"  "dev/my_cool_overlay" // file path to overlay material

2) Damage

2.1) Allow theater files to define viewpunch when taking damage

This is pretty self explanatory. It should follow some of the same principles as the landing viewpunch defined in the base_player.theater script
            "damage_decay_rate"                    "5"
            "explosion_deafen_radius_factor"    "0.5"
            "default_penetration_power"            "15"
            "max_penetration_distance"            "500"
            // Viewpunch values when taking damage
            "damage_viewpunch_minvel"        "150"
            "damage_viewpunch_basepitch"     "0.75"
            "damage_viewpunch_jumppitch"     "0.05"
            "damage_viewpunch_landpitch"     "0.01"
            "damage_viewpunch_maxangle"        "50.0"
            "damage_viewpunch_freeaim"        "1.0"
            "damage_viewpunch_viewkick"        "1.0"

I also think that it may be cool to allow separate viewpunch values for each hitgroup.

3) Player Templates

3.1) Extend fallback_for_slot functionality to entire models

This is really just something nice to have. If we're able to replace playermodels with a different ones defined in whatever gear/item the player equips, this can streamline some things for people who are not modelers.

I would imagine it working like this:
            "team"            "security"
            "print_name"    "#Squad_Fireteam_Rifleman"

                     "model"                  "models/characters/security_light.mdl"
                     "fallback_for_slot"    "armor"
                "viewmodel_hands"        "models/weapons/v_hands_sec_m.mdl"

                "gear"                "sec_heavy_armor"
                "gear"                "sec_chest_rig"
                "weapon"            "weapon_kabar"
                "weapon"            "weapon_m16a4"
                "weapon_upgrade"    "ammo_ap_m16a4"
                // Primary Weapons
                "weapon"            "weapon_m16a4"
                "weapon"            "weapon_m16a4"
                "weapon"            "weapon_m4a1"
                "weapon"            "weapon_m4carbine"
                // Grenades
                "weapon"            "weapon_m67"
                // Upgrades
                "weapon_upgrade"    "barrel_silencer_integrated"
                "weapon_upgrade"    "barrel_silencer_pistol"
                "weapon_upgrade"    "barrel_silencer_sec1"
                "weapon_upgrade"    "barrel_silencer_sec2"
                "weapon_upgrade"    "barrel_silencer_ins1"
                // Gear
                "gear"                "sec_light_armor"
                    "sec_medium_armor"    "-1"

Besides these and the ones mentioned by smgunsftw, I really have no more pressing suggestions regarding this. I know most of these will take some time to implement.

Anyway, thanks for taking feedback!
[Image: Ng6xKLP.png]

(23-10-2015, 18:25)Mikee Wrote: 1. skin_families are broken and working improperly, can you be more specific?
2. You would like a blood loss system where a slow bleeding death could be stopped by a trauma kit? I would say this sounds advanced and more for once we get Lua, but if you elaborate a bit maybe we can see about what we could do. It sounds more complicated than just a "bleed out" cvar though.

skin_families works on the round's of both the 203 and gp25 but I was unable to make it work on character models and player upgrades when I tested it earlier this year. They would show up fine in Hlmv and Hammer but the .theater would not select them.

Compiling the same model multiple times was the only way to achieve the skin change effects we have in Operator and while it is a working solution it is not the most elegant or efficient.

This would sort the Helmet issue smg speaks of as while it would still need a recompile, it would only need 1. Not 1 for every skin.

The bleeding system was the first place my mind went once I heard Lua was confirmed. But I would be lying if I said I had given it much thought as it's still unknown what exactly we'll have access to with that. I was hoping that it might be possible to somehow detect the impact on the player model and make that decal some kind of particle to simulate bleeding. Which would make their life trickle away unless the trauma kit type item was used to stop the blood loss.

Now I have no idea what systems could be put in place to help facilitate that or if the events which take place will be exposed to the scripting. But i do know it is a mechanic I will be trying to make happen and one I am sure others would love to use in their mods too.

One thing I would love to know is if the latest patches inclusion of new weapons is a sign of more things to come? 

I mean I know of a few mods in the works right now which could be better using their time on other things if Insurgency was about to get more new weapons. I know that pain having spent time making the 1911 a thing only to have it for real in the next patch xD
I'm not a modder, but I'll toss an idea out there that I could see Modders utilising.
An option in the source to be able to add attachments to the top of pistols for optics and such. I'd really like to see some badass looking pistols with optics.

| Manners maketh man. |

I knew there was something I had forgotten.

Black/white list for upgrades on an item.

So for eg, an integrated silencer could change the ammo and ammo upgrades to represent sub sonic rounds.

That is just one place Insurgency could use this, for mods like Operator there are dozens of possibilities which this would allow.

    "import"                    "base_silencer"
    "upgrade_cost"                "2"
    "class_restricted"            "1"
    "length"                    "8"
    "team_access"                "security, insurgent"
        "ammo_type"                "9x19mm_smg_sd"
        "weapon"                "weapon_sterling"
        "ammo"                    "ammo_ap_mp40_sd"
        "ammo"                    "ammo_hp_mp40_sd"
        "ammo"                    "ammo_ap_mp40"
        "ammo"                    "ammo_hp_mp40"
            "model"                "models/weapons/upgrades/a_suppressor_sterling.mdl"
            "Main"                "1"
                "weapon"        "weapon_sterling"
            "model"                "models/weapons/upgrades/w_sil_sterling.mdl"

Something like that where it replaces the stock ammo for the weapon, adds the upgrades to the gui and removes those not wanted with this item.
Something else which just came to mind, could an equip_stationary value be added to the weapon_requirements?
Here's my list, I figure I'll toss it all up and see what you think. I can do a lot of the stuff in SourceMod if needed, but I'd like to see an easier way so that I don't become a bottleneck to features like this.

  1. Documentation on theater and map cpsetup.txt schema.
  2. mp_theater_override_$GAMEMODE variables to allow different theaters for different game modes.
  3. If not, add a selector to the theater for something like
    #if gamemode "checkpoint"
    #base "default_checkpoint.theater"
    #if gamemode "conquer"
    #base "default_conquer.theater"
    At least having base selectable this way would be great, even better would be something like the "?nightmap" selector to have the actual theater contents adjustable.
  4. "Mutator" support for theaters, for example instead of having to create a theater that includes every weapon and upgrade definition to remove weight and cost. I'd like to be able to make a "noweight.mutator" that says "foreach theater.weapon_upgrades do { set weight=0; }" or something like that.
  5. Allow multi-part theater files (any missing #base macro files) to be downloaded and loaded properly, and allow mp_theater_override to be a comma delimited list that gets applied in order. This will allow server admins using small theaters with tweaks to combine them to the desired gameplay they want, without having to learn theater files.
  6. Expose the game rules with read/write ability after the theater is loaded, so I can do something like that in SourceMod. Right now I don't have a good way to adjust weapons/gear with SourceMod unless I do a ton of hacky stuff, a better way would open up a lot of options.
  7. IR strobe on the back of US helmets for IFF, only visible with nightvision
  8. In the same vein, make an IR laser? Or an option to toggle laser mode?
  9. Magnifier flip to side for the 2x optic, be nice to be able to toggle between magnified and normal.
  10. Ability to loot ammo from dead bodies and have them added to the player's inventory properly.
  11. Decouple flashbang visual impairment and audio impairment. I'd like to slightly increase flashed vision loss time, but greatly increase severity and duration of hearing impairment.
  12. Add loadout slot for "ear protection", options would be Peltors, foam plugs, or nothing. Costs points, affects shots/frags/flashes impact on hearing, for foam plugs a constant 25% reduction in hearing or muffle effect would be great.
  13. Add loadout slot for radio, allow Proximity, Squad, or Team as options to select how widely they want to communicate. Being able to switch channels would be another way to handle this. Maybe some team-level abilities via radio?
  14. Add tripwires, timers, and daisy chains to IEDs for Insurgents, give them multiple IEDs and have a defuse mission
  15. Add fragmentation effect to grenades, slightly reduce damage blast radius but shoots say 60 fragments (use bullet code to keep from lagging) out in a random pattern to really clear a room.
  16. Create config-driven rules-based tutorial mod to tell players about their chosen kits and loadout. Have events hooked to firing, killing, getting killed, etc. to use in tips. So if a player pulls out a frag, it pops up a note about cooking and shows the keys bound.
A cvar based "ready-up" and "pause" system like in cs:go.
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

"equip_stationary" "0" //The player must be stationary to equip weapon.

"equip_crouched" "0" //The player must be crouched to equip weapon.

"firing_crouched" "0" //Firing requires the player to crouch.

Any chance of the same type of weapons restrictions for when crouched and to equip?
Is there some way you could add some cvar to force/restrict the different parts of the hud?

So server admin could remove it all and only allow the compass for eg but it would also give them the option to force it all on too.

Being able to force a compass onto new players would be a big help for everyone.
First all, I have to thank you guys. Not only have you made gaming's best gun mechanics, but you have also provided a ton of wonderful modding support.

I am wondering if I (or you guys) can mess around with custom fire modes. There are three fire modes I am thinking of, which cannot be well-replicated with existing fire modes.

  1. Bump-fire. This is the act of using recoil to simulate automatic fire in a semi-automatic gun. It looks like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-nUA52BS3c#t=31s . In game, it would be the player character moving the gun to his right hip, and then shooting automatic fire with low accuracy. 
  2. Slam-fire (pump shotgun). You can fire some shotguns, such as the Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun," by holding down the trigger and pumping. Each pump fires a slug. In game, switching to "slam-fire" mode would discharge a shot (as the player is holding down the trigger), then the player would pump to shoot. It would also increase gun recoil during shooting, as the act of pumping causes great inaccuracy. 
  3. Slam-fire (semi-auto). Another variant of slam-fire is the ability to shoot two or more bullets with one pull of a trigger, despite the gun being designed to shoot only one. In fact, in extreme cases, one pull of the trigger can shoot all the remaining bullets in the magazine. In game, you could simulate this by the player emptying the rest of the magazine in one shot. Coding-wise, it'd probably work best as a variant of burst-fire.
These fire-modes can, currently, be crudely-modeled with animation tricks, but the name of the fire mode would not change (it would still read "automatic" or "semi). Thus, I must turn to you guys for help.

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