Profanity cvar which restricts game audio file options.

Jumpshooting for mods/custom servers? (please make it shoot self!)

Both seem to be "things" people want.
(27-12-2015, 10:42)frombehind Wrote: Profanity cvar which restricts game audio file options.

Jumpshooting for mods/custom servers? (please make it shoot self!)

Both seem to be "things" people want.

By profanity cvar, do you mean something that prevents any HQ/response/radial audio with profanity from playing? If that is what you mean, I'm afraid that may be a bit unrealistic. There is little documentation to all of the VO in the game, and there are thousands of lines. Also, a lot of it is profane and so it may sound repetitive. There is however a no swearing mod on the Workshop that is up to date: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=294800641

There is already actually a jumpshooting theater option. It's allow_jump_shoot under player_restrictions.
Michael Tsarouhas - Community Manager and Voice Over Director for New World
I do indeed. You know me Mikee, I find vulgarities can enrich and emphasis a sentence but some find them more offensive than shooting other people in the face. That being said I am not always right or always the majority so while the audio for for Ins might already be too involved for such things it might be a good idea for going forward?

"allow_jump_shoot" roger!

I think I may of bleached that from my mind already once. I now have a few days to do so again Big Grin
Ooooh, I have one wish aswell.

In theater files we have the setting "ammo_type_override" for weapon_upgrades.
I would love to have something similar for gear.

Something like "model_override"

That way we could define a protective vest and make it so equipping it overrides the playermodel and maybe also adds a helmet.

PHP Code:
    "player"                "models/characters/security_heavy.mdl"
            "model"            "models/characters/us_helmet_head.mdl"

You can do that to a degree already Tajin. You just need to use the fallback_for_slot kv a little bit more creatively.

You need to compile your main "player" model either with the parts you wish to change missing or as a tiny mesh that other things mask and then make him whole again using the fallback_for_slot. This way the gear/upgrades you create which replaces stuff, removes the parts not in use.

Operator used this to combine 5 models only keeping the arms and the legs the same like this.

                "player"            "models/characters/operators/w_op_body_2_a.mdl"
                "viewmodel_hands"    "models/characters/operators/v_op_hands.mdl"                
                        "model"                 "models/characters/beards/a_op_head_b_1.mdl"
                        "fallback_for_slot"        "misc1"
                        "model"                 "models/characters/armor/w_armor_v1_tan.mdl"
                        "fallback_for_slot"        "armor"
                        "model"                 "models/characters/headgear/a_hg_taccap.mdl"
                        "fallback_for_slot"        "head"
                        "model"                    "models/characters/eyewear/a_op_glasses_a1.mdl"
                        "fallback_for_slot"        "accessory"
I am unsure if you could do a totally invisible base model, as I never tried, but keeping the bits on the same skeleton is the key for making it look right Smile
(02-02-2016, 16:06)frombehind Wrote: You need to compile your main "player" model ...

I know that operator has that feature and it sure sounds interesting but I'm thinking about a custom-theater that doesn't requiring people to download anything.

Thanks for the example though.
You could remove the helmets from the default load outs and use the cap for the fall backs. Then set it so only people with heavy get the helmet. I think to use the body it would take some recompiling.

But to get more level of customisation you need to create something for them to download and use. Even your .theater's.
Hi, were are the settings about prone? i wanna remove prone for my mod, also how does the sprint stamina works? i wanna reduce it or remove ir entirely

also im getting this error(on the attach file) even when i remove my mod and verify the game cache

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Here's few things you could probably do:

1. Add a flamethrower support, a code/template, similar to Team Fortress 2
1. Add a motion-detecting support for mines.

This would help improve Mud and Blood and Born to Kill development, since flamethrower/mines are main planned features. As well as mortars - not possible to acomplish inside Insurgency without a proper source code
oh sorry i did not understand the purpose of the tread.

so i would ask if its possible to add a command together with the theater system that add sway to the screen and not only by the gun model in free aim.

add in the theater a script that allow us to set up the health of the weapons cache

a command on the player_base that remove or allow prone.

and add a option trough the theater to script the capture zones on how much time its needed to be captured and who can capture, i wanna set up a ambush mode that the VIP respawn in the flag that he need to capture and stand there for a amount of minutes.

those would help to make the new game modes and work better on the non lethal weapons for the SWAT 4 mod.
also, how do i remove or add suppression to the explosives? flashbangs are giving more suppression than the frag grenade in my mod.
Blue nametags for whole team.
Many tactical servers disable nametags (so you can not see friendlies through wall) but big disadvantage of this is that people are then having really hard time refering to each other because it is too hard to know who is who (for teamplay oriented mods). With bluenametags you would still know who your teammates are when they are in your line of sight.

Option to disable nametags and have nametag appear above player when that player is using ingame voice. This option works both for golden and blue nametags (only) as explained above.

Recoil per suppression
Recoil per stamina (currently we have recoil per low stamina, but we can not define it per stamina?)

Able to assign items per subslot (for example; if you want grenade to be “only” in 2nd slot[Image: arrow-10x10.png], you need to have it in 1st one as well)

Able to set C4 explosives to be only AllowPlant and can not be tossed.

Additional weapon slots so we can add C4 to everyone by default for custom missions that require C4.

X2 explosives slots[Image: arrow-10x10.png] should make it so you get x2 weight when you pick grenade for that slot[Image: arrow-10x10.png].

Are we able to adjust going into or out of ironsight speed per weapon upgrade?
  • Ability to use multiple theaters in mp_theater_override that get merged in the order they are given, so we can split theaters into smaller pieces and allow server admins to customize their experience.
  • Lua support really needs to get going.
  • Show icons and areas on overview map, particularly currently active spawn and resupply zones.
  • Documentation for theater files.
  • List of theater conditionals, like "?nightmap" and "?checkpoint_security_defend". Detail on how they get set would be good.
  • "Area of Operations" setting in map to dovetail with Factions, for example the AOO is Afghanistan and the factions are USMC and Taliban.
  • Ability to modify theater director data and change the game settings programmatically via SourceMod or Lua.
  • Theater validation tool, or at least better debug messages in console when a theater does not process properly.
  • Theater export tool, dump finished theater data structure as KeyValues/JSON/YAML so we can verify what the finished product is from theater processing.
I have been defining some of the ?conditional stuff via the mapname.txt Smile
im also have trouble to make the swat_sounds_player.txt load in my mod seem only the sounds_manifest.txt load it but i cant make the sounds_manifest.txt load in the theater.

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