I personally think that the slower RoF being worked on in the Beta should be replaced with an increase in recoil.
The lowered RoF makes the M249 more practical in close quarters panic, as recoil is no longer as much of an issue.
"In real life" the M249 has less recoil than an M4.

The amount of recoil you feel depends a lot on how heavy the weapon is. The M249 is a lot heavier than the M4, but it fires the same round.

If you need to add disadvantages to the M249, just make it heavy. And you can make it slow to bring up to sights from hip-fire.
dBus stole the words from my mouth. Precisely because the M249 is so heavy, it has very low recoil. If you want to stop it being used as a run-and-gun weapon, you need to find other ways - weight and ADS time are the two best, most realism-friendly alternatives.

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