We've just released a patch that will require everyone to update. The update adds the ability to toggle the radial menu, as well as a few fixes for OSX.

New Features:
  • Added ability to toggle radial menu.
Map Fixes:
  • Updated Market navigation meshes to match the latest level changes.
  • Fixed a missing wall in the center of Market_coop
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an animation pose issue with the MP40 after a slide.
  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Potential fix for Linux dedicated server workshop single subscription
OSX Fixes:
  • Fixed skybox rendering through everything when a scope is equipped.
  • Limited texture resolution to reduce memory allocation crashes.
  • Fixed anim block size on player animations which should reduce instances of T-posing.
  • Fixed radial menu sometimes playing old "need backup" lines.
  • Last man standing audio should no longer play when a team still has waves.
    Removed background on chat panel except for when typing.
Michael Tsarouhas - Community Manager and Voice Over Director for New World

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