It's looking good so far.

Are you guys planning on keeping the gun lowered when pushed away from a wall? I sort of feel that it's better to not restrict the player from firing when being pushed away (similar to the way InsMod did it). At the very least, I think a forced hip fire can be a good compromise between InsMod and the current style.
[Image: Ng6xKLP.png]

I'd support being able to fire ADS while being pushed away. The invisible hands mechanic is an addition to overcome the technical difficulties of the game - a soldier in Iraq would never come across it. As such, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to fire as normal when this effect takes place.
At the same time a soldier would not find himself balls deep an a wall as he lay down. He would be pushed away as soon as he tried to go prone.

If the push away was tacked onto the end of the prone animation it would feel more natural that you're unable to shoot as you position yourself on the ground.

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