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ESL Play is the worlds leading platform for eSports. It provides tournaments & ladders across all games and skill levels. Here is an overview of the  global structure of ESL Play . Insurgency is currently installed in ESL Open. To be more precise in the New Games / PC /- Section of ESL Open. There you will also find other games, that yet have not the amount of support needed to have an own section in ESL Open.
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Join the Community

If you are an active Insurgency player, part of a team, or searching for buddies, feel free to join the our Community platforms. Every Event is scheduled there and you will find lots of information, help and friends. You can also find all of the ESL Admins Steam Profiles that can help you! Get your team together, join the community and have fun with the cups, leagues, ladders and championships that will happen in the future.

ESL Community Cups

ESL hosts Firefight Community Cups every month. If you are interested in playing competitive Firefight then this is your chance to give it a go! Grab your buddies, register at play.eslgaming.com and join one of the upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you there! [/b]
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[b]Upcoming Events

Insurgency 5on5 Firefight Community Cup #54 *Swiss System - All Teams on July, 17th.

Hope to see you soon!

mr.pink | Control_Machete
ESL Admin Insurgency Section[/b]
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ESL VERSUS Goes Crazy EVENT - Insurgency

WHOLE Sunday, 15th November - starting 00:00 am till midnight CET!

We will skip the Community Cup on Sunday to focus on the VERSUS event. It was never easier to get a step into the competitive scene of Insurgency! All you need is an ESL Account and a copy of Insurgency.

Check this Announcement for more information

This event is THE chance for all players interested in competitive Insurgency to get in touch with teams & players - don't miss it!

Hope to see you there!

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While the league is running, we will still host Community Cups - especially for teams not participating in the Open League: Feel free to join us - Everybody is welcome (also non EU teams, check this link to get more information)
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ESL > ALL !!!

Nice job PINK !
TWITCH:  http://www.twitch.tv/metalbestia_
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MetalBestia

New events added for December! Join up folks!

Also on December 27th, there will be a special event, something new, something fresh - more about that soon!

Be prepared.
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(03-12-2015, 04:39)mr.pink Wrote: New events added for December! Join up folks!

Also on December 27th, there will be a special event, something new, something fresh - more about that soon!

Be prepared.
Hi! I was interested to know how competivity in Insurgency is going, if i see that the game does have it, you guys will earn a new strong team and a better portuguese community ;)
So if any of you guys could help me and explain a bit of the current situation, it would be great.

My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RS6699/
Hei folks,

Insurgency 5on5 Firefight Christmas Cup 2015 added, dont miss that one on 27th December. Everybody welcome - grab your buddies, create a team on play.eslgaming.com and join up!

Besides we are still hosting Versus events almost every evening, just check scheduled events in our Steamgroup or hop on our teamspeak: ts.eslinsurgency.eu to get more information.

Dont miss the Competitive Site of Insurgency - Join ESL now!
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Updated Community / Social Media part and added the upcoming events. Join up!
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The ESL Insurgency Competitive Theater just got updated to version 1.6!

- general update of installation guide & download links
- updated FF Theater & FF playlist
- no changes to Elimination and Ambush theater (yet)
- check changelog of version 1_6

Subscribe to the Workshop File to have access to private and public ESL Insurgency Comp servers in the main menu!

If you want to host a server, follow the Guide on how to setup an ESL Insurgency Comp Server.

Have fun!
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Next event: Community Cup #55 - August 14th!
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