We are releasing an update to the game that adds new coop and PvP game modes, new animations, a new playlist system, gameplay changes, and various fixes. Changelist can be found below.

[Image: 2xlMGac.jpg]

Workshop creators be advised: Because of changes made to animations, multiple Workshop weapon model replacements will be broken or not working properly. Textures should be fine. Please check your submissions and update your items according to the changes. We apologize for the inconvenience. These changes allow for easier modification of weapon models and animations. A guide on fixing weapon remodels can be found here.

New Content
  • New Playlists
    • Sustained Combat - Many reinforcements, for epic combat
    • Tactical Operations - Reinforce by objective, or only one-life, for high tension
    • Elite Coop - More realistic and tactical load outs
    • Hardcore Coop - More weapons and supply
  • New Map: Tell (Night)
  • New Coop Mode: Outpost
    • Defend your team’s weapon cache against increasingly intense waves of enemies.
    • Added for Market, Verticality, Sinjar, Peak, Heights and Panj.
  • New Sustained Combat Mode: Strike
    • Three weapon caches which all must be protected or destroyed.
    • Added for Market, District, Verticality, Heights and Panj.
  • New Tactical Operation Mode: Elimination
    • One of the two weapon caches must be destroyed.
    • Added for Market, District, Verticality, Contact, Heights, Panj, Peak, Verticality, Revolt, Sinjar, Station and Tell.
  • New playlist system allowing custom playlists to be created, shared and loaded automatically into the game’s matchmaking system.
  • Mode-specific dedicated server configs will no longer be overwritten with each update. The default settings for a mode are now placed in default_server_<mode>.cfg. If a server_<mode>.cfg exists, that is loaded instead.
Gameplay Improvements
  • Added scoring for kill assists and for each 10% contributed to an objective capture or reset.
  • Added objective point to defenders when capture progress is reset to 0% from 50% or more.
  • Disabled free-aim on all grenades.
  • Reduced sway penalties for suppression and low stamina.
  • RPK recoil increased slightly.
  • Improved consistency in deploy heights for bipods.
  • Removed FOV change from LMG bipods.
  • SKS position has been lowered to prevent the 7x Scope clipping into the first person camera.
  • Grenades and Molotovs are now aimable using the left hand.
    • The index finger points to just above center, allowing you to better judge where your grenades will go.
  • Reduced the networking overhead of each player.
Bug Fixes
  • Restored firing position and direction on M203 and GP-25.
  • Fixed bullets colliding with walls when you have your back to them.
  • Fixed spotting through foliage props.
  • Fixed bots seeing through foliage props.
  • Soft particle settings are loaded from video.txt now.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed clients to see sound names through geometry.
  • Fixed collision meshes on the FAL, L1A1 and AK74 world models.
Animation Updates
  • New first person animations for the M249 SAW.
    • Reloads have been made longer to help with balance.
  • New Draw/Holster animations for all primary weapons.
  • New Iron fire & Ready animations for the M40A1 and Mosin Nagant.
  • Increased the swing of the 3rd person knife attack.
  • Fixed a bug with the 3rd person rifle walk.
  • Reduced the backwards recoil of the SKS and AKS74u iron fire animations to prevent large sights clipping with the camera.
  • M14 EBR bolt locks back on empty.
  • Minor touch ups and bug fixes to various other animations.
Map Updates
  • Buhriz
    • Tweaked restricted zones a tad to avoid potential issues in the future.
  • District
    • Clipped railings in all stairwells to smooth out player movement.
    • Clipped wooden market stalls throughout the map to avoid players from getting stuck between them.
  • Heights
    • Reduced sun glow on day version to avoid players from getting blinded.
    • Removed invisible wall at the back of Firefight A building.
    • Fixed an issue where a player could clip through a wall near C Firefight.
    • Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
  • Market
    • Optimized several areas of the map to improve overall performance.
    • Added more cover around Security spawn.
    • Several gameplay adjustments at C firefight.
    • Fixed an invisible wall on the beach building at Security spawn.
  • Ministry
    • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck behind some pallets.
    • Fixed player able to get stuck in the collapsed road at the front of Ministry.
    • Removed floating ammo box at the end of the parking in Checkpoint.
  • Peak
    • Fixed player clipping through middle structure when using iron sights.
    • Fixed a bunch of displacement seams around the center of the map.
  • Station
    • Adjusted a rock below the bridge to avoid players from getting stuck on it.
    • Removed a metal sheet near the end of river.
    • Fixed an overlapping displacement at Push C building.
    • Fixed several exploits throughout the map.
    • Additional clipping pass to smooth out player movement a bit more.
    • Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
  • Tell
    • Moved insurgent spawns back for Push objectives A and C.
    • Altered restricted zones for Push objective A which will curtail insurgent advancement.
    • Various implementations to alleviate some unfair spawn camping out of Security Push A spawn.
    • Opened up top of Push A building to allow projectiles to be thrown/shot from the approach to the objective.
    • Alteration of terrain and cover up to and around Push objective A for balance.
    • Added a route to Push objective B to mitigate chokepoint on right flank.
    • Removed a redundant route between Push objectives B and C.
    • Replaced a window en route to Push objective C with a door.
    • Increased cover on approach to Push objective C
    • Adjusted bounds of and increased cover and area within Push objective C.
    • Fixed an exploit where players could leave the playable area.
    • Fixed several smaller exploits and graphical issues throughout the level.
    • Aesthetic improvements throughout.
  • New playlist system allows users to create a total conversion with custom maps, content and theater scripts.
  • Added support for melee weapons that can consume ammo.
  • Added support for Firefight maps with an even number of objectives. This removes the middle neutral objective.
  • Sway speed for stamina and suppression can now be adjusted in the theater.
  • All primary weapons are now able to use any optic or scope.
  • Missing sight deltas have been created to accompany these. SEC weapons are able use the M40 Scope, INS weapons are able to use the Mosin Scope plus various other sights.

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