Hello, world!


My name is Jonny. I am part of the Insurgency Development Team. I am glad meet all of you! Hope to see you on the battlefield!



Hey, I'm Argyll - the INS Community Manager. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me and I'll try my best to point you in the right direction!

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Co-founder & Creative Director of Insurgency
Hey Im Gruta, well thats not my real name obviously.

Im a 3d modeler/level desigenr and a 2d designer. I have played Ins Mod since too long. And as a devoted player Im crazy about it.

I love FPS. I even tried making my own but meh, failed cos i have no programming skills.


Good luck guys, you have my support.


made in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Hey all, I'm Fortran one of the sound designers for INS2, looking forward to playing some rounds with you all!

Hey , I'm MoRiZ from Spain and i hope to see you on the battlefield , accost .

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: Insurg3nT216

Hi Guys!:!


it's really nice to see Insurgency again, it's a such a hardcore game... i hope the second one will be better.

Great Job..  Niceman Frenchstyle will be baaaaaaaaaaack!!


See u soon

Wink Wink

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I'm Bad_Dude, from USA. One of the many testers. Can't wait to everyone gets a chance to play Smile

Hey, I'm Mr. Jędяula from Poland, owner of polish website fans Smile


See u soon on battlefield!

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Hey there, I'm Matt and I am one of the developers of Insurgency. I look forward to killing you all on the battlefield! Wink

Hey there, I'm Mrs.Alutka from Poland. If it's easier Karolina is my name. One of many lucky testers. Hope to see U on battlefield :-)
Nice to meet you all Smile , i can't wait for the  early access

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: Insurg3nT216

Hello there!


My nickname is Snuffeldjuret and I am from Sweden. Looking forward to the future of INSURGENCY!

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Hi, I am Mohawk, I have been hooked on Insurgency for awhile. It is the only game where you can just jump in and experience the ebb and flow of a fire fight. I love the feel of the maps in INS2. Hope to see you all in game.



Hey I'm... (see username)


Man, I'm glad INS is comingback! I used to play it back then, still have the screenshots to prove it Wink


Please, keep the 1-2 shot kill, that's what made the game so great because of that.




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ahhh good time Wink 

I'm zomb3h from Eastern USA, and I've been following this game for a while now, and the only games that I've been interested in playing anymore these days are apparently mods that have gone commercial, Insurgency 2, and Natural Selection 2.


Guess this year won't be so bad for gaming after all.


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