Chronos checking in. Like Dylan above, had been a pretty hardcore INS 1 player since around 2008. I was involved with DBD and also fairly well known among NADES (my second INS1 family). Also played on TAC servers from time to time. I'm getting quite old now (36), like many original INS1 players.

I'm also known from the land of Quake 3 as being one of the leaders of the Pills clan. Which, although Q3 is rather dead, the clan is still alive...albeit barely. Same name there as well.

Let me tell you how much I like INS 2 so far. My sister got me MW2 and BF:BC2 for Christmas. I've played more INS 2 in the last couple days than both of those combined...since Christmas. Now mind you, I've never played BFBC2 before that time.

So keep up the good work, and listen to your audiences suggestions and opinions. Don't be like IW or any of those other corporate conglomerates that don't listen to their customers. At least not until you've gotten rich of your first paid release that is. Then go ahead and do whatever the hell you want with the sequels. Because by that time, most of us here now from INS 1 will be so old we can hardly see enough to game. And if we can see, our bladders or arthritis won't let us game.
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hey all its me Hardcell i made the majority of the custom maps for ins1 and played since b4 ins1 was on steam. Looking forward to making some new maps and porting some of my old ones.  as of right now i dont got cs : go sdk so i gotta wait for official sdk i guess.


just found this old video of ins-trenches when i got the mortars to work



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hey, im from Georgia, Tbilisi, played ins1 first time in 2007, liked it alot. Best realistic game imho.

Warhead here. Playing Insurgency since 2009 or something. Looking forward to have some great firefights with you guys.
Hello everyone, I'm just a former player of INS, dating back to probably 2008.  Always loved the game, it had some of the most intense firefights on the Source engine. I was pumped when a sequel was announced, and jumped on the opportunity to try out INS2. 

Quote:just found this old video of ins-trenches when i got the mortars to work


Oh man, I forgot all about this! I remember the day we fired it up on the server when you got them working. Everyone was "WTF!? I'm being bombed and s**t's exploding!"
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Good day to you all. My Internet-name is taken from 'Skaara', an Egyptian boy from the movie and series StargateSG1, and 'Dreadlocks', because there simply exists no other person on this planet that is as obsessed with dreadlocks as me.

As a head moderator on another forum (Which I won't name due to advertising-restrictions), I find it highly unlikely that I will be very active here, but I'll skip by from time to time to check out news and information, and also supporting with some suggestions if I have any.

As said in another thread, Ionly have 89 hours playtime of Insurgency, but to me it feels like a lot and I absolutely love the game, both of them. Insurgency2 is absolutely great, and it's only in... Beta? Imagine how great it'll be when finished. Can't wait!

Looking forward to see you all out there on the battlefield and mingle around with you here on the forums. (That goes especially for you, developers! Wink )

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Sup. I'm from New York City. This game totally f*ckin sucks and I hate all of you. lmfao.


I've been playing Insurgency ever since the day it slid out of Andrews uterus.

It's a great f**kin game!

I very much appreciate the efforts of the entire Insurgency team.

F*ck yeah!

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Hi guys, Im SwarleyAUS, from, you guessed it, Australia.


Was a huge fan of INS1, put more hours into that than CS or DOD I reckon. Considering purchasing INS2 ASAP, but Im just concerned about the possible lack of servers with decent ping for us Australasians... do admins/people have any info on what servers are up atm on our side of the world? Shame theres not a demo (yet) for me to test the waters on this.






PS: please put Push in the final game!

Hi everyone,  

So good to see so many familiar names in game and on the forums.  We all have had a lot of fun together in the past playing INS:Mod.  Now I am looking forward to shooting, stalking, sneaking, camping and knifing you all.  But most importantly having fun together.  See you in game!





Quote:If you ask me "Whachu Talking 'bout WILLIS?"  My response is WILLIS
 fit in yo mouf?
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Hello, I'm Shocked and a first time Insurgency player. A friend of mine, Jihad, recommended that I participate. Let's roll!


Veteran, US Army 9th Infantry Regiment

About time you got here Shocked. Make sure to join the Steam group. 

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Licoяne from France.

Thank you NWI Team,  for this awesome sequel.

Kisses to the ins community !

Hi all !
I'm french and 40 years old .I like INS and i want to believe that INS2 will be a great game .
Others favorite games : RO2 ,old CODs (hardcore ONLY ! ) .
Sry for my english ,google help me slightly but it's not perfect ;-)
CU in battlefield .
Good day everyone, my name is Dimitri Mikhailovich Vega, but i am sometimes called Dima, i am here to enjoy this great game, and i hope everyone enjoys it with me until its full release. Some info about me, i was born in Russia, at the north of Volgograd, my family and i moved out of Russia when i was 3 years old, now i live in a nice country named Panama. One of my favorite hobbies are firearms, i lived with them since the day i was born, and i still do. They are my passion and i study them every single day. I would like to meet new friends in the battlefield and out of it. good luck.  


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