Sna.ke checking in!


Used to play Insurgency back when it was popular and even ran a server for a little while under the -|TDB|- tags.  Looking forward to INS2 Smile 




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Hi,im Minecrafter2415,and I'm from Spain. And no,I'm not addicted to Minecraft (Lol)


I played Insurgency when my pc was broken,and I wasn't able to play other games. It was very cool,so I looked for the second edition. And finally,I have found this,and I want to get it soon. Writing this from a mobile home Smile


See you all soon!

My steam:


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Languages : Spanish and English.



Proffesional Russian!
(Just joking,i'm spanish...)

Hi! I'm Epicci and i'm from finland. I love insurgency and I'm really excited about insurgency 2. I hope it's going to be awesome!

hi am bassj18 or  Jonathan from uk ! many apha test play game and enjoy it !

Hello Ins fans!! Nitetrain and cant wait meet you all !

this is Nag from Basque Country, I hope I can meet a group of lads to play with. My name refers to my airsoft replica, I use an Sig552C customized by me and the TM sig p226E2 as a handgun.


I expect being involved on this from day 1 and giving back feedback as much as i can, we need to work to get this into e-sport scene!

ID: txorimalotripodea

Hi, this is mr.pink from germany. I play Ins since its first "release" in 2007 and I also took part in the great ESL Times. Most older people should know me. Greets.

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hi Machete, it's nice to see you in thereeeee::


Mohawk too! nice to see you bro..

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Sup fellas! Iceman here, I am from Japan (yes, admins/mods you can check my ip lol)... I'm a huge fan of this game and I still am. Played regularly during the initial beta days and was a part of a huge clan that played this game both on a casual and competitive basis. I am quite eager to participate in the "Early Access". So anyways, see you all in the "cyber battlefield:. Smile

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Hi I'm EvoLuTion from Germany!I'm glad to see so many different countries here!

Hope to see you on the Battlefield Wink


Have a good Day!

Hi guys i am Goucho clan leader over at http://www.b2zclan.com I started the clan with Insurgency and i hope to enjoy plyaing it again Smile

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Now recruiting for Insurgency

Hi, I'm Crimson Mika from Dublin, Ireland. I can't wait for INS-2. I love playing commander and always stay back so my team-mates could get that extra reinforcement, I hope in INS-2 commanders are given extra points for being unselfish.


Looking forward to the mayhem.... See you soon (in my sights!!!!!!)...  :ph34r:

Im Lepletier... im from Rio, Brazil.


I know and play INS since the first closed beta (INS1), im been away from online games for a long time (i suffered an accident), i heard about INS2 with Min0tauro ( old mapper from INS1), see something about the early access on Facebook. So im here again, now i can play games again and wanna check out INS2.


its good to see wheres Insurgency its goin... 


I hope to play INS2 soon with you guys... Smile

Well hello insurgency fans, nesquik08 is back :ph34r:

nesquick08 is here, be wary, be alert, be quick, or be dead

Hello, I'm PEGelite from the USA.


I've never actually played the Insurgency mod, just happened across INS2 on Kickstarter. Looking forward to trying it out once the early access version finishes downloading.

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