We got a nice update for you guys today. Here's the changelog:
  • Added Insurgency SDK with sample maps and forums for mod/map developers to discuss content creation
  • Added new map into the official mapcycle: Uprising
  • Updates to Siege and Contact
  • Added new coop map: Contact
  • Fixed mismatching class tables for Mac users trying to connect to servers
  • Fixed a potential crash in the scoreboard caused by accessing an out of bounds index in an array
  • Added flashlight (to use bind a key to impulse 100)
  • Fixed flashbangs in coop - they now stun AI enemies
  • Fixed one-time use weapons (RPG and C4) so that if you don't use them, you don't lose them
  • Fixed bug allowing the player to keep the rpg on his next life if he fires the rpg then kills himself right after.
  • Fixed a bug where push and firefight where looking up the wrong control points
  • Push mode no longer sets the control point state to neutral when a player captures the point
  • Control points, block zones, and spawn zones can once again be disabled
  • Spawn zones can control spawn points when enable or disabled if the spawn point was flaged as such
  • Onfired capture event now only fires if the captured point new team is a playteam
  • Fixed a bug in the weapon scripts using the wrong hitbox keyvalues
Next week you can expect to see a big update with the game mode Push, which will have moving spawn support and feature some larger maps. We will also release SDK updates and a new realism mode that has been co-created by the community.


We're also still trying to figure out the ragdoll issue. Please let us know if you are a Source developer who has experienced these "UFO Abductions" elsewhere.

Jeremy Blum
Founder & Game Director
New World Interactive

Quote:Fixed a potential crash in the scoreboard caused by accessing an out of bounds index in an array

game is still crashing. i can not see the scoreboard since the update on march 14th
Firefight? No thx!
Push sounds like Rush in Bad Company 2! Nice!

Quote:Push sounds like Rush in Bad Company 2! Nice!
Insurgency had PUSH before Battlefield stole it.... and changed the P for an R



..but on another subject matter.

Initial thoughts on the update after a bit of testing..

  1. Flashlight definitively needs to be an attachment, and also made to be a (optional) separate item everyone starts out with.
  2. Would be amazing if that weapon-light could have different modes, i.e: strobe mode, "on-when-aiming/hold-on" and "momentary-on"(click, and it lasts for short time)
  3. Weapon-light/flashlight also needs to have different versions, so you can choose between a stronger smaller beam, large area covering but less light, and your standard dual-beam.
  4. Only flashlights for certain weapons (so we don't get any flashlight snipers, lol)
  5. The "mismatching files/class/map error" thing, is still not working correctly, and still occurs.
  6. The blurry lighting is still there, and needs to be addressed, as it (on dark maps) limits you to around max 10 meters of usable distance.
Other than that, working fine this far.
class- & weapons-balance, and why it needs to be restructured.. (may be outdated)




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How do we get the update?

Quote:How do we get the update?

You just start Steam and it will download the update automatically.
Quote:Push sounds like Rush in Bad Company 2! Nice!
is on sale today 
Grenade/C4 Bugs :
After playing the last version, [R A F] members and I have spotted two bugs :
-When you throw a grenade, the grenade doesn't go in the air but stops in front of you and explodes. So you suicide yourself just because you wanted to throw a grenade.
-When you use a C4, throwing one makes the server crashing. 
Before posting this message, we wanted to be sure if it wasn't a problem just happenning on our server, so we went on a NWI server and we have tested the two points wrote above. The same problems happened.
Thanks Pierroux, we are working on those issues.

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Co-founder & Creative Director of Insurgency
Does throwing C4 crash the server every time? Just tried it on one of the official INS servers and it didn't crash it, but then again the round wasn't started and there were no other people on the server besides me...

Jeremy Blum
Founder & Game Director
New World Interactive
Yes, it did crash the server everytime we tried 

Tried to throw a C4 on official INS server (coop mode), it didn't crash.

But just like grenades, it stop in front of me, or I should say it's floating in the air...

That's weird, maybe it has been fixed...

Surely not the right topic to write this down but anyway, i was genuinely sad when today as i start steam there was a message about vote on the game you wish to come to steam, i went straight ahead and searched for insurgency... damn guys (and probably this is more easy to say than to do it) put the game in that list or whatever list on steam, get some $$$ to make your life easier and make this Insurgency even more epic than the 1st one ( tough call Smile )

P.S. can´t wait for the next update with bigger maps *drooling*

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