Is anyone buying into the launch hype for this game?


The whole thing is mildly disappointing to me, even though I resolved to ignore Bungie's mediocrity ages ago. There are so many aspects of the game which could be awesome yet clearly fall flat.


On one hand, it's always nice to see another game going the "massively co-op adventure" route. The Borderlands series has major issues with its progression system, but the basic aspect of co-op based adventuring is good.


Also, it's nice to see a Bungie shooter where the guns ACTUALLY shoot where the ********* you aim them for once. It's amazing how long that took - the entire basis of Bungie's "weapon balance theory" in the Halo series was for every freaking gun to be entirely useless beyond 10-15 yards unless it was one of the 2 token "mid range" guns in the game. Now you don't have to be using a sniper rifle or a DMR to hit in the reasonable vicinity of where you aimed, and it's sad that we actually have to praise this basic thing as an improvement when it should be a given.


Of course, the massive downside is that everything else about the game continues the same downhill curve exemplified by Halo 4. Because they couldn't figure out how to balance the sci-fi weapons, they've essentially narrowed the arsenal down to generic arcade assault rifles and made it into COD/BF with a spacemarine coat of paint.


It's sad because starting a new franchise gave Bungie a chance to break out of the mold of their previous serious and avoid many of the bad habits and tendencies it took on, and they've mostly squandered that chance. The AI is still dumb as a doornail, they are still armed with gimped Needlers designed to let players steamroll over them without any effort, and you're still not fighting with real scifi weapons which force you to think outside the box of generic hitscan machineguns.


Plus, ultimately the practice of RPG vertical progression is doomed to die any day now. Even less-critical gamers are realizing that marching on an endless treadmill of stat grinding is boring compared to a game where you actually succeed based on your own skills and performance. They made a concession to this by forcing multiplayer weapons to a "curve" that balances the stats out, but it's a half measure. All this does is defeat the purpose of stat-grinding, while failing to provide an alternate motivator to keep playing...it's a "worst of both worlds" approach which Firefall already experimented and failed with in about 20 different ways.


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