When I spectate a person it always seems like a person's aim is way off to the right but when they shoot it is spot on. I had a friend confirm this, I joined an empty server and brought along two friends, I had one stand still while the other shoots him. I spectated and I saw that it looked like he was too far to the right but my friend said it was right on his head, and sure enough, he shoots and it impacts right on his head.


Its not a really important bug but it is really annoying to play coop then die and you cant watch the opposing teams tactics and how good they are.

It's just how the free-aim is. It might be improved in the future (for spectate I mean) but there are many other priorities. But rest assured we are aware of it and will continue to improve the game as much as we can. In the mean-time though, I don't think it inhibits the spectator experience much at all. If anything it adds suspense lol. But I do think it would be great to be able to see players free aim by the release.  Thanks for the attention to detail. =)

Hmm, I recall seeing some weird stuff in IS mode like the IS not being where the shots where going.

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yea man when you spec someone you see them aim to the right of their target.


the other issue with spec mode is when the person dies leaning and you spawn and get stuck leaning the same way xD

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