Please, do me a favor exnihilio, next time you don't feel like reading my reply to you, don't announce to me and everybody else that you didn't read it. It's not very nice and there is no reason to say something like that. You always make it a point to tell me that you didn't bother to read something I wrote. I replied 4 short paragraphs specifically to you and did so using a spoiler to keep it compact. I'm sorry I bothered to reply to you at all. I'm sorry if 4 paragraphs was too much for you to read. It's nice to know that you're a developer that just doesn't seem care.

And if you didn't read what I wrote, then why did you point out that you still feel bad for them? lol. You're not very good at poker are you? lol. That fact is... you always read everything that I write, because you can't help yourself, hehe. You can't even lie about well. lol.

2jzo, nobody is making you buy the game. And nobody ever advertised the game as "the most realistic shooter", so I don't even know where you are getting that from. I wish you luck in your search for finding the perfect game. The footage you saw did not show any team vs team gameplay at all, because it won't available until sometime in 2014. A lot can happen between now and then. You sound pretty fussy regarding animations, which is cool. I guess you didn't read the part where I agreed with you about it. Maybe you could chill a little, you always seem so mad all the time. Why do you always get so upset? What's the big deal? It's just a game. I said nothing to cause you to act defensive.
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I am chill lol...just because I respond to your post that makes me upset?  You're always so defensive in every post and every thread you make it's really pointless to even respond to you...


No one in this thread can post about the game without you writing a defensive essay.  


I'm not the one who's after the perfect game here, and if I were this is definitely not it - from what I've seen.  Sorry you feel offended that I have my own opinion for not pre-ordering the game and supporting a random game company that I've never heard of.  I don't like their model animations.  It's an eye sore.  I use my eyes to play games.  What I saw in their videos didn't catch my attention except for the ridiculous walk, run, and crouch animations, but I said if the reviews post-launch show a game worth playing - I said I would buy it.


There's no PvP?  I didn't even know that.  Shows you how much I actually care.  Like I said - I'm waiting for the game to release before buying it if I decide to buy it.  All of which are none of your concern.


Just another pissing match thread created by yours truly.



"Only the dead have seen the end of war."
Lol, yeah, didn't read all that...

:lol: that was funny eXnihilo.

Why is 2jzo so mad all the time? There he goes again.

Nobody is having a pissing match here.

He said "Sorry you feel offended...."

He never offended me at all, when did I ever say I felt offended? Offended by what?

Did he just rage quit this thread? lmao

omg that's too funny

He started out saying"I am chill lol..."

Bipolar much?

He's freaking out about player animations and yelling at me - and I seriously have no idea why. I have nothing to do with the Takedown development. He's cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

It's all good. 6 more days...
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Hm, I have actually followed the development a bit but now I am 100% confused. I thought that the game to be released now in 5 days had PVP attack/defend, but it has not? :O Does it have any PVP at all?

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It does have PvP, but from what I can tell it has an increased focus on Co-op rather than PvP.

I was under the impression that some people were disappointed that it was more focused on PVP rather than COOP (compared to other games of the genre) :/.

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Eh, if you look at the Takedown forums, it seems the day 1 kickstarter funders' minds went off the rails on some overblown fantasy about their perfect Rainbow Six successor, rather than keeping their expectations realistic, and now they're disappointed it's not exactly like their pipedream.


I think you could say it has a heavy coop focus, considering it has actual missions, and not just 'terrorist hunt' on PVP maps. Where I have heard complains is the lack of a more developed friendly AI for doing the missions single player. Then I suppose some people may be disappointed that the PVP doesn't have respawn gametypes or a larger scale, even though the developers said it wouldn't be like that from the beginning. Who knows.

There are a lot of players, like myself, that loved playing Raven Shield. Raven Shield slowly started to die out around 2005. There has not been another game like Raven Shield to surface ever since. Most all games since then have offered respawn, health regeneration and other abilities that have ruined the old-school gameplay style. What Takedown tried to do was bring back Raven Shield and make it better and they allow players to use iron sights and they removed the reticle. These were the only 2 complaints I had about Raven Shield.

The most popular Raven Shield PvP game modes were Team Death Match and Attack & Defend. Coop Terrorist Hunt was extremely popular too. This is all Takedown really needed focus on and deliver, and they have done exact that. They currently do not have the money or the time to deliver other less popular game modes, nor do they ever really need to. I knew all along from the very beginning that this is exactly what they planned to deliver. This is all I ever wanted. This is all any Raven Shield fan would ask for. They never had any plans to release an extremely realistic game. I don't know why anybody would think that. I don't know why people are complaining about anything, especially when most the people that are complaining haven't even tried the game since it has not released yet. It's pretty simple, if people don't like what Takedown has to offer, they don't have to buy it, it's pretty obvious that they never played Raven Shield and have no understanding for why Takedown's Kickstarter was a success.

Takedown will deliver a very awesome "Raven Shield" style competitive PvP game that doesn't offer childish and unrealistic things like respawn and health regeneration. It will deliver that classic "Ghost Recon" and "Rainbow Six" look & feel from back in the day when old-school games were King. Currently there are no games out there that focus on this at all. The closest thing you will find is CS:GO, which doesn't offer the ability to lean left or right, doesn't let you use iron sights, doesn't let you switch fire mode, is full of bunny hoppers and players that just want to run and gun the entire time. Nobody could run and gun in Raven shield and they won't be able to run and gun in Takedown either. You basically cannot run. You can't jump either.

Really, what other games since Raven Shield have delivered a game that focuses on the same old-school gameplay? None.

Yeah, there are a lot of things that Takedown could tweak and make better, but they are doing the best they can with what little resources they have. To think that they have already managed to deliver a game that is much better than Raven Shield is pretty amazing considering that Takedown is not being funded by big names like Tom Clancy, Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft. It was funded by players that are getting exactly what they were promised. I am extremely happy and I'm not easy to please. I highly recommend this game to any serious competitive player or fan of Raven Shield.
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Some confusion regarding the full version release date.

I read somewhere that they were only releasing a playable single player map on the 20th and the full version of the game would come later. I kind of thought this sounded strange. Who does that?

I also read in another thread that they were releasing the full game on the 20th and people that pre-ordered the game would gain instant access to a special single player mission.

I'm going to go with... the full game releases on the 20th, only because the other explanation sounds strange.


4 more days...
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Weapon list sounds pretty good....



M5 SMG 9x19MM - The M5 Submachine gun has been a staple in LEO and Counter-Terror operations for decades. Extremely controllable in full-auto fire, the M5 is known for it's ergonomics.

M5SD SMG 9x19MM - An M5 with an integrally suppressed barrel, combined with subsonic ammunition. The M5SD is considered one of the quietest SMG's in current service, although penetration suffers.

M5K PDW 9x19MM - The PDW was an outgrowth of the M5 SMG, providing an extremely compact weapon for force protection or CQB operations. The lighter bolt provides a higher rate of fire than the basic M5. No Flashlight.

CQBP-9 SMG 9x19MM - P-X AR variants are well-balanced AR platforms with pistol-caliber uppers. These low-recoil carbines are effective against unarmored targets with little over-penetration.

CQBP-40 SMG.40 CAL - P-X AR variants are well-balanced AR platforms with pistol-caliber uppers. These low-recoil carbines are effective against unarmored targets with little over-penetration.

M4 Carbine 5.56x45MM - The M4A2 is the standard weapon of the US military, utilized by law enforcement and militaries around the world.

CQBR 6.8x43MM - The CQBR fires a heavier round that was developed specifically to bring more firepower to the venerable AR platform. It is currently in use by several SWAT teams in the U.S.

CQBR-300 .300BLK - This version of the CQBR is built around the .300BLK subsonic round, which was designed to optimize lethality in a suppressed weapon platform.

M4 PDW_Description="5.56x45MM - The M4-PDW is extremely compact, but the shortness of the barrel causes increased recoil and decreased accuracy. Muzzle flash can also be an issue, which can obscure targets.

CQBR-458 .458 SOCOM - The .458 SOCOM round was developed specifically to create a big-bore AR platform rifle. It has a limited magazine capacity, but is extremely lethal.

AKM 7.62x39MM - The AKM is the modern descendant of the venerable AK-47 assault rifle. It is very powerful at close range, but is notorious for a lack of accuracy compared to modern weapons. No Flashlight.

AK-74 5.45X39MM - The AK-74 fires a smaller, high-velocity round than the AKM that it is based on, with less corresponding recoil. No Flashlight.

SA-47T 7.62x39MM - The SA-47T is a modernized version of the AKM, offering enhanced accuracy and handling.

SA-12 Shotgun 12 GAUGE - The SA12 provides the firepower of a 12g in a compact, magazine fed weapon. It is a modified variant of the basic AKM, and has more felt recoil than a traditional semi-auto shotgun.

LRC-308 7.62x51MM - The highly-accurate LRC rifle is a modified AR-platform, chambered in the heavy and lethal 7.62x51mm round and is commonly used for sniping and long-range support fire. No Flashlight.

SASS 6.8X43MM - The SASS is a heavy barrelled AR rifle designed for urban sniping at moderate ranges. Its lower recoil offers faster follow-up shots than a heavier sniper rifle. No Flashlight.


M92 9X19MM - Designed in Italy, the M92 is used around the world by LEO and CT groups. Firing the standard 9x19 round, it recently got an upgrade in higher-capacity factory magazines.

M96 .40 CAL - A variant of the M92, the M96 fires a heavier round, but with a large increase in felt recoil and limited magazine capacity.

1911 Elite 10MM AUTO - The M1911 Elite is a powerful sidearm. The 10mm Auto round was adopted by US Federal agencies in the 1980's, seeking a more powerful round than the 9x19mm.

1911 .45 ACP - This pistol has been a standard military and LEO sidearm for over a hundred years. It fires the heavy .45 ACP round, and is highly effective against unarmored targets.

Note: some names are altered due to licensing issues (i.e. M5 = MP5)


I'm glad to see 6.8, .458, .300 BLK, and 5.45mm rifles featured in this game.

Finally pre-ordered, crossing my fingers =).

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I can't wait to try their AK-74

1 day to go...

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Damn I wanna play Big Grin



Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/gladenl/
I'm installing it now. I feel like I am dreaming. I had to pinch myself to make sure this is really happening.

Launch Party tonight 6pm est.

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