Soo il just start up: 

I even found some sound glitches or what ever i can call them that lets say the shotgun, if you spam the shoot button you will i don't know whats the chance but you will not hear the sound i think that its more than just the shotgun i think the bolt-ACtion have the same problems. And as well please reduce the range of the shotgun its practicaly overpowerd The range is bloody hell like a sniper almoust.

Practice Mode: It happends that if you play Lets say Offensive in DOG RED or any other mad and lets say you win the match. When teams switch up it happends that, you as a Wehrmacht (or americans) will have americans in you're team without a helmet and without a weapon.
Here's a screenshot on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=901683576

Thats all i found im tryng to find more glitches.

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