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I hope that the a-10 Airstrikes are represented in this game. There are many videos of the vital support the A-10 gave and continues to give the Kurdish YPG/YPJ/QSD/SDF Forces.

I have watched the entire war since 2014 everyday and I am subbed to many Kurdish channels. I am one of the few Americans that have actually paid very close attention since the beginning of the war. Are there any Kurdish people helping with the game? Has anyone seen the movie "Her War"?

I hope that A YPG/YPG graduation ceremony is in the opening cut scene that would be cool.
I almost wish I was helping work on this game so I could point out  realistic details that can be found on youtube.
Can you try to not tell mu ...
(07-05-2017, 22:37)Stunner Wrote: Can you try to not tell mu ...

What is mu?
TMU is the Tactical Medical Unit
Lots of good story lines to had there.

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screw kurds we need shia militias...
This game is about a YPJ Kurd. This is not about Shia militias. I am sure there are games with characters like Abu Azrael out there. However the SDF and others do appreciate your help in annihilating daesh together in solidarity.

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