Request for knife use in restricted area.  

It's hard to avoid being caught in a restricted area sometimes, like when a point gets captured, and then it leaves you very helpless.  It would be nice if knife attacks would work in that situation.  Even if it's a small chance it gives one thing to try for.

Huh Plus it's nice to emulate the Commandos behind enemy lines gameplay.  Should be fair that if you are behind enemy lines, you can use a knife.  

I don't think it would be too overpowered. and it would keep people on their toes a little probably.

It's mostly just because I was caught in a restricted area the other day and on seeing an enemy, I got to cover, but then I was helpless.  If I had a knife I could've at least waited in cover till he was close, then went around the left side and knifed him.

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