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Seriously this is getting out of hand. 

Introduce some kind of filter for the posts or recruit new moderators. Hell, make ME a mod and I'll remove all the blatant spam any time I can. Just do something. :/
The Admins will get round to housekeeping. Just report them and ignore...I have 35 users in my ignore list so far and it keeps growing!

+1 for a adding a Filter
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What these folks said above ^^^^^^^.
I've been emptying the cat box out for months....two more just now.
Over 50 on the Ignore list in under 3 months.

Time to roll out a bot filter.
Map & Weapon Stress Tester - Tactical Enthusiast
Thanks, we are aware of the spamming issue and are working to address it. Please bear with us, we know it's pretty annoying but rest assured we are trying to find a solution.
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Well...Ok Mikee. Thanks for responding in a positive way. I was "beginning to wonder....if you could F-ing do it?" Wink

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