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 I’m just putting some thoughts down for the introduction of a French voice and models. Upon doing a bit of research, I’ve realised that a French voice actor and skins could expand on both Allied factions in the game (the same voice pack could be used for both factions) as there were moments when the French fought while integrated with both nations. The voices would speak French when making tactical statements, such as ‘Need a radio’ and some such, as well as for generic speech like swearing and cheering. However, they would speak English when talking to ‘Station’ as it would be the British or Americans providing the support.

  This way, a whole new nation is represented without the need to introduce a new faction or even new equipment. For the most part other than the voices, one would only need to model new hats and patches (and perhaps faces).

Suggested French Skins:
  1re Division Française Libre (1st Free French Division):   
  Appearance:  Default British Uniform (desert version) with 1re patches, French Adrien Helmet, Lieutenant’s Kepi for Officer.
  Maps: Certain UK maps set in Italy and potential African maps.
  Rarity: Uncommon
  Faction: Commonwealth
 Information: After being formed in London in 1940, the Division was sent to Africa and fought in various theatres with the British, including El Alamein, before being integrated with the French Expeditionary Corp for the Italian campaign, fighting in distinctive battles like Sicily, Monte Casino, and Rome before then bring relocated to assist in the liberation of Southern France.

  2e Division Blindée (2nd Armoured Division):
  Appearance: US uniform with 2e Division patches, US Helmet with 2e Division markings, Lieutenant’s Kepi for Officer.
  Maps: Certain US maps set in France and Germany.
  Rarity: Rare
  Faction: United States of America
  Information: Soldiers of the Free French 2nd Armoured Division often wore American-style uniforms and used American equipment. Further, their efforts throughout the war were largely in support of US operations. After landing in Normandy (after the initial invasion), they were integrated into Patton’s Third Army where they fought with distinction in the Falaise Pocket, after which they, alongside the US 4th Infantry, carried out the liberation of Paris. From this point, they were reassigned several times throughout the different American divisions in support of various operations in France and Germany until they eventually halted in Bavaria as Germany surrendered. This ‘skin’ could also represent Free French efforts in other theatres, such as the Battle of the Bulge.

  No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando, No.1 French Troop: 
  Appearance: Default British Uniform with No.10 Commando (France) patches, variety of Mk.II British Helmets and wooly hats. Officers have a ‘1er Battalion F.M. Commando’ Beret and Capitaine de Frégate rank epaulets.
Maps: Potential UK maps set in France and the Netherlands.
Rarity: Rare
Faction: Commonwealth
Information: No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando was a British commando unit made up of the exiled nations of Europe, divided into several ‘Troops’. N.1 French Troop was initially made up of the elite French Fusiliers Marins. Initially spread amongst the British Commando contingents as translators and liaisons, No.1 French Troop first fought together as a single unit on Sword Beach, where they were tasked with securing the French town of Ouistreham along with No.4 Commando. This operation (for which I’d love to see a map introduced) was depicted in the film The Longest Day. The next time they would fight together would then be during the Battle of the Scheldt, particularly during the final stage known as Operation Infatuate.

Do let me know what you think, and I hope this fires up a few people’s imagination as to how the Free French could be represented in the game. 


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