1. Currently there's kinda no point in taking Heavy Kit when you have equipped rifle grenades since it doesn't give you any additional rifle grenades, and 5 extra bullets (8 for Garand or 10 for British) for your bolt-action rifle is kinda useless. Extra slots for grenades that you pick up from the ground is sorta useless as well. My suggestion is to limit rifle grenades to 3 when I have Light Kit and the standard 4 when I have Heavy Kit equipped. 
  2. There should be a choice between anti-infantry rifle grenade (explodes after a timer) and an anti-tank rifle grenade (explodes on impact). I just feel that the anti-tank impact rifle grenades are a little too powerful in some situations. So my suggestion is to add the anti-infantry rifle grenades to all factions and make them cost 4 supply points (same as what all rifle grenades were before I believe) as well as the anti-tank rifle grenade to all factions which would cost 5 supply points. US already has both of them but they are on different weapons. I think the Springfield bolt-action should get a choice between two rifle grenades but the Garand should have only the anti-infantry rifle grenade(like it currently is). If this together with reducing amount for Light Kit users hurts rifle grenades too much then the supply points can be reduced (3 for fuse, 4 for impact).
  3. Those two suggestions were pretty much nerfs to rifle grenades, so my last suggestion is to buff them a bit in terms of damage, (maybe radius) and ESPECIALLY wall penetration. Sometimes you shoot a rifle grenade right next to a person but it doesn't kill them because there was a small wooden object or wooden wall (or whatever else thin material) between him and the explosion. In one of my games just recently I shot a rifle grenade against what is essentially a wooden plank and the enemy behind it didn't die. It is very underwhelming. Note I'm not asking for a BIG buff in terms of damage or wall penetration. Just very minor in terms of damage and a medium increase in wall penetration. 
I certainly don't want rifle grenades to become spammy. These suggestions I think make it a useful tool that's not too OP. Also gives players a lot more choice.

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