Please make it possible so that Security can carry something like 2x Smoke and 2x HE grenade without sacrificing too many supply points. I think a 50% reduction on grenades (not C4, not the rocket launcher) is decent. It can be part of the asymetrical warfare you are trying to represent. To balance this, Insurgents could get cheaper IED / RPG. Keep the 1 ammo limit on RPG though, please. The concept should resemble the body armor, Security gets cheaper standard issue stuff.

I think players focus too little on using equipment in this game (grenades and IED's seem the most underused) which is bad in my opinion, there are a lot of places where flashes or smokes would be very useful yet no one uses them. Why? Honestly I think most people focus on their gun and AP ammo then on the kevlar. Grenades tend to be left last because quite frankly for 3 supply (or 2, as Security) I can get the heavy armor or 1 HE grenade / 2 smokes. In the economy of supply points, that sucks balls. Like majorly. As I said, keep the prices (2 supply on HE) but double the amount.


Equipment (smokes, flashes, HE grenades, IED's) are underused in the game and a big part of them being underused is the ridiculous supply cost when compared to other available stuff. (example AP ammo 3 supply vs 1 HE and 1 smoke)
I dont have too much of a problem with what you suggest except for the bit where you dont "sacrifice too many supply points" to carry 4 grenades on top of your normal kit. Currently in INS2 you can run 3 frag grenades + AP on m16/akm. Which btw is hilariously strong.

Nade spam doesnt really add much in the way of fun game play. Just giving people more grenades because they focus on armour and their weapon (which keeps them alive/gets them the majority of kills is fine) wont make players smarter in how they use them. Honestly most people are not that smart with how they use their utility. Where to throw smokes, where and when to throw frags, flashes etc.

Instead I propose something like this. Everyone gets 1 free grenade, maybe frag/smoke/flash, could be depending on class or you get to pick or w/e. To get more (say up to what you have now 3 - Four seems a bit silly to me. With resupply etc currently I can already spam SOOO many fucking nades out of spawn, kinda OP) you have to pay more (assume current prices if the system remains the same). Or maybe its just a free smoke or flash. Either way everyone is given a free piece of utility to use (People are ALWAYS going to focus primarily on their weapon, its what they get like 90% of their kills with, utility is just some nice icing on top).
Flash grenades are seriously underused. Maybe that's good or maybe that's bad I have no idea, but it would be sweet if the amount was buffed. Possibly in the current version?
(17-04-2017, 13:44)Stunner Wrote: Flash grenades are seriously underused. Maybe that's good or maybe that's bad I have no idea, but it would be sweet if the amount was buffed. Possibly in the current version?

Trust me, it's good. Ideally no one would equip them at all, because they can never be used effectively, not once in my whole 1.2k hours in INS. Preferably if I could I would kick players who use them along with players who use incendiary grenades when we should be pushing on Checkpoint.
@ Solusvod: that's exactly what I mean. It shouldn't be that way and the game mechanics punish you in a lot of ways when you don't take utility items and yet the majority of players are not using them enough or at all. This is especially more noticeable in game modes like Firefight, Elimination or Ambush, even Skirmish.

I like the idea with standard kits. I would take a bit further since I've seen many people say they want more asymetrical gameplay and give most Security roles 2xSmoke + 1 HE (support) or 2 HE + 1 smoke (rifleman) or 2 flashes + 1 HE (breacher) etc. depending on classes and have anything extra (more grenades, C4, grenade launchers) cost a decent but hefty amount of supply points, if that makes any sense. Also, it would be nice if we could buy the tube launcher and individual grenades for it as well, if I am not mistaken both smoke and HE fit in the same tube.

On the Insurgent side I would like to see less "black market" equipment which would cost the same as Security side. So maybe some Sappers get free "homemade" IED's and Fighters get free Molotov's or smokes, also "homemade" but HE grenades, flashes or RPG's will cost supply.

If it doesn't gimp your character severely to carry 3-4 equipment pieces then I would suggest a bigger CD on resupply as a whole. That way, these equipment pieces will turn into tactical options for which you don't need to sacrifice your gun or body armor.

@ Stunner

In my opinion flash grenades last too little in the game at the moment. The amount of time someone should be blinded with a flash setting off in front of him should be double at least. I won't even get into to the loosing your balance stuff. I can understand the latter being hard to implement but if you ask me it's time to lose just a tad bit of game and gain a small dose of proper.

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