Hey Devs! I had emailed, messaged over on Facebook to you guys and have finally gotten a reply from Jon Higgins. (Finally!!) So here it is
The Royal Westminster Regiment
"The Westies"
Pro rege et patria (for king and country)
[Image: The_Royal_Westminster_Regiment.png]
During the Second World War the regiment formed a part of Major General Burt Hoffmeister's 5th Canadian Armoured Division ("The Mighty Maroon Machine") taking part in the Italian Campaign before being transferred to Europe and participating in the liberation of Holland. The 2nd Battalion, Westminster Regiment served in the reserve force stationed in Canada.

The Unit had received a VC winner at the battle of melfa.
On 24 May 1944 at the River MelfaItaly, Major Mahony and his company were ordered to establish the initial bridgehead over the river. This was accomplished in conjunction with the tanks of Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) and for five hours the company maintained its position in the face of enemy fire and attack until the remaining companies and supporting weapons were able to reinforce them. Early in the action Major Mahony was wounded in the head and twice in the leg, but he refused medical aid and continued to direct the defence of the bridgehead. The enemy saw that this officer was the soul of the defence and consequently made him their particular target.

This unit to this day plays a vital role in support the regular infantry in conjunction with the Seaforth highlanders of Canada and Rocky mountain rangers. (WHICH WAS ADDED TO THE GAME)
This would be awesome to see and play. (ps The westies were one of the very few reserve infantry units that has received the Afghanistan battle honor in present history.)

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