Currently, MOUSE1 and MOUSE2 both throw the IED and equip the cellphone afterwards.

We could change MOUSE2 to a suicide bomb action where an animation of the IED being hugged against the chest would play, following the explosion.

The action could be set to only activate after having held MOUSE2 for say 1.5 to 2 seconds, giving players the chance to back out. It would also be exclusive to the Insurgents as it seems far-fetched for a marine to perform the action.

This action has been a dream of many players since the introduction of IEDs to the Insurgents, and it's a little strange it hasn't been added yet, as a function of the weapon.
Same ****, different day.
I've seen bots specially programmed on custom servers to detonate in mid-air once the bot throws it, blowing both the bot and people near it up.
Don't mean to sound harsh....but, no. Not needed in Coop.

I could see a use for it in PVP...for those that are AFK. (wink)

Nothing prevents anyone from doing that on their own server...?
I think it makes sense, you can sort of suicide bomb with a grenade. And it is a relatively common tactic.

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