I always thought that the weapon feeling in the insurgency was great. Then I started playing Escape from tarkow. Weapon feeing in this game was amazing. I would like the new version of the insurgency could implement a few mechanic from EOT.


Fast and slow reloading weapons magazines - slow when you draw a magazine from a weapon and hide into a tactical vest. Fast when you pull out the magazine and drop to the ground and put in a new one.

Weapon jamming

The ability to check the amount of ammunition in the magazine. Not by the number of rounds but the weight of the magazine (similar syystem ACE mod of ArmA 3) always wanted it to be in insurgancy

Repacking magazines - as above. I always wanted it to be in Insurgency

What do you think about that?
I agree with fast and slow reloading, that could be cool, especially if you empty a magazine.

I don't really know how often weapons jam and if that would be worth having, it seems like an extreme failure.

I definitely would want to be able to check magazine capacity,  to at least tell the difference between one or 2 shots left to half or 3/4.

Not really sure about repacking magazines.  You can already resupply and there's probably not  a benefit in gameplay to making that take a long time.  

Good ideas sir, Thank you sir.  I thought the weapon handling was more or less realistic with Insurgency.  How is it better in EOT?  Is it more realistic or less?  

What about barrels getting too hot?  I think that can happen pretty easy with many automatic guns and if it reflected a timer that was real, it would feel cool to have.  It would also prevent so much shoot spamming.
hard to say. It depends on the situation. Escape from Tarkov weapons have a kick and it feels. But the penetration of the bullet is strange. But this game is still in alpha stage Smile

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