Randomized doodads.  Like stumps and logs and lumber and vehicles and different things.  So the same basic map but with new objects scattered about.  It would add more unpredictable gameplay.  Any one agree?

They would change the cover pattern and also be false silohettes. Kinda like in rl you would have to look hard to tell if something is a target or not.
I really like the idea but remember cs_havana? No one played this map. Apparently people don't like this concept.
It's possible it wouldn't work in a game enviroment.  

But it just seems too easy to recognize targets.  It would be nice to make aquiring targets a skill instead of just automatic.  Somehow.  Not saying random objects would work to do that for sure.

Also for defense, if you partially cover behind an unfamiliar object, then there's a better chance of being unaquired, then a familiar object whereas anyone that has been playing the map automatically sees the disturbance in the object.

For that matter, maybe randomized colors and skins, according to a certain pallete or theme, would make seeing the targets in the enviroment a process rather than automatic.  

Just a suggestion to improve on the gameplay.   

By making 'reading the map' an element of the game, it's more beneficial to play. I would think.
Also I've been thinking it would be cool to have skin advancement of the players. For example, if you ru. Through a wet area or dusty area, your player skin would reflect that.
Even randomising entire building placement seems like a cool thing.
Squad is experimenting with it and I can't wait to see how it plays out.
I think it would cause problems with the map balance. If you look carefully you will see that most cover is somehow exposed in a way. If you randomize them you might end up with versions of that map which are imbalanced - defenders might have their cover objects placed badly around the objective, the cover objects on the road to Sinjar could be placed so bad it's impossible to get to the bridge etc.

Very cool idea, I really like the concept: having to "explore" the battlefield and always needing to check corners and stuff but I don't see how it can be implemented without destroying balance.
(08-04-2017, 14:33)Stunner Wrote: But it just seems too easy to recognize targets.  It would be nice to make aquiring targets a skill instead of just automatic.  Somehow.  Not saying random objects would work to do that for sure.

Dunno what servers you are playing in, pubbies still cant see dudes prone on the ground in the open in non randomised servers. Adding random **** all over a map isnt going to make that better, it just adds random clutter. And that random clutter is added for the purpose of hiding people...so camping buff? Also, with added randomness you have to slow down, check everything etc etc, This is not a slow game. In a low ttk game with a lot of corners I dont really like this idea. Randomisation is cool and all but only when the game is based around it, like it's the "gimmick" of that game. Its not the gimmick of this game I dont think it would be a gimmick that would be fun. More annoying.
Solusvod, I don't know what servers you play on but of late the pub servers I've been playing (nwi Seattle, thadpg, Chicago, can't remember most of them since I usually just press join server unless I was just playing on one and then I return to it.)

But anyway the players are so good its mental.

Like I said its possible it wouldn't work in a game enviroment, especially If nobody know how to do it. the 'balance' factor is important cause after all, it's a multiplayer game. And you can't have infinite variation anyway, probably.

So what about random colors and object skins? Huhhih?

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