Restricted areas
All I really want regarding restricted areas is to have that red warning sign MOVED UP!!! It blocks vision and is really annoying. The way the restricted areas are implemented has other problems but this one is super easy to change. 

There is however a huge issue with restricted areas in Frontline mode and that needs to be changed asap. What I mean is when you are attempting to capture the enemy's next objective but the enemy team captures your objective first, you are immediately put into restricted area and likely to die because you can't shoot. It makes zero sense to punish a player who is attempting to capture an enemy objective and then massively increase his chances of dying. That player should at least have the opportunity to freely go to his lost objective and attempt to recapture it. I know the enemy spawn needs to be protected but I really don't see why the restricted area needs to be around and on the objective since that enemy spawn is usually away from it (and if it isn't then the spawn can be moved either backwards or to the side). That is the simplest solution in my opinion. Remove the restricted area from around the objective and give a free path to the objective that was just captured by the enemy. 

[Image: vSbLbQ4.jpg]
Of course there's other ways to do it. Moving all spawns and restricted areas back for example. That's up to you, the developers.

Radioman class and radio kits
In my opinion radioman class and radios should not provide quicker capture speed bonus as that discourages people to stick with Officer and help him (sometimes). Instead radios could provide the player with some extra info on the HUD like seeing how much a particular objective is captured by his team/enemy team. Not anything major as I understand the developers want to keep the HUD clean.

As for what bonus the Radioman should receive instead of the "Quicker capture speed" (which isn't even unique because Assault and Rifleman can have that bonus too) I'm not too sure. Perhaps a better radio? One that is stronger and has a longer range for the Officer's calls? Model of the radio can stay the same so it's still fairly easy to implement.

Rifleman class and Assault class
I believe it's best if the Rifleman class has quicker movement speed bonus and if the Assault class has quicker capture speed (and I guess quicker defense speed) or quicker reload speed.

Quicker movement speed for Rifleman makes sense because this encourages riflemen to rush to the objective and keep the enemy away and help the team as fast as possible (and help the Assault players who should be capturing the objective). Quicker movement speed also encourages riflemen to regroup which doesn't make sense for an Assault class with smgs that should be capturing or defending the objective, not regrouping. Since the Rifleman class is unlimited, I can pick the class at any time and be more effective at regrouping. There are often times when my team isn't willing to regroup so it's pretty great for me.

Assault class with quicker capture/defense speed bonus or quicker reload speed bonus encourages them to fight on the objective or basically charge in and kill as many enemies. Makes a lot more sense than Radioman having quicker capture speed (gameplay design-wise) or having the Assault be the most effective class at regrouping fast(of course if a team is smart they'd have a Sniper somewhere behind to regroup but that isn't always possible).

Regroup player icon
Display the class icon of players that are near the regroup point (50 or 100 meters) through walls.
Already posted this suggestion before but just to make it as simple as possible it should just display the class icon and no other information. Thanks to this I don't have to waste time running to the regroup point when somebody else is already there. I could always look at the map of course but there are times when I can't easily find where the regroup point is on the map or I have to focus on my surroundings and can't look at it for example. Since the information is on the map I don't see why it can't be on the HUD. To make this suggestion EVEN better it would only show players who are moving and 100 or so meters from the regroup point.

Edit: Just to clarify so everything is clear, when I say it shows the icon "through walls" I mean that it persistently shows the class icon through walls no matter what the range is or where you're aiming. It should also display this icon only when you AND another play are within around 100meters (or whatever makes sense for the map) of the regroup symbol/area. This clearly indicates which player is closer to the regroup point.

Misc. changes (not necessary but still cool and easy to implement)

Invasion mode idea
Currently I feel like Invasion mode plays fairly similar to Offensive, so here's some changes that might possibly make it more interesting and different.
I would start by making the attacking side have quicker respawns (like 15s faster) and start with more waves (20 instead of 15 for example). To compensate for this the attacking side has a more limited class selection. For example having only one of every class besides Support and Assault (just makes sense to have more of those) instead of two and maybe locking the MG class completely. Whatever makes sense and doesn't hurt the team too much. Rifleman class is still unlimited so the basic idea of this is to have a swarm of Riflemen attack the opposite side (who have normal class selection). Other than that there could be more objectives like in cooperative or there could be OPTIONAL destructible anti-air guns that give only one additional wave.

The idea of this is to make Invasion more about fun gameplay and have Offensive mode be more competitive-ish (basically one is more balanced than the other).

Heavy kits/Support class
Currently the only difference between light kits and heavy kits is that you carry one extra magazine or 5 rifle bullets. Wouldn't it make sense for a heavy kit user to carry an additional grenade? It should cap at two explosive/WP grenades so essentially you can only carry an additional smoke grenade. This would be useful for Supports and encourage them to carry and throw more smokes (which is super useful to the team). If anything at least the Support class should be able to equip 3 grenades.
I was mistaken. Heavy kit already gives extra smoke grenade.

Speaking of Supports, I really think the heavy kit should cost three supply points for them (instead of 4). Again it encourages Support players to play like supports instead of running and gunning with the STG44. BAR should probably be one supply point more expensive as a result.

If we want to REALLY change things up then how about making heavy kits cost two supply points and light kits one supply point for the Support class and then moving STG to the Assault class? It should probably be limited in a way that one Assault player is forced to use the MP40. So if there's 3 Assault players then 2 of them can use STG. This means the Support role is full-on support with more ammo than other classes and easier access to smokes.

Also a different approach is for Light Kit to only have one grenade slot, and Heavy Kit to have two grenade slots. Support could then have a special bonus where it has an extra smoke grenade slot (the slot could be called "Extra Smoke"). Heavy Kits could be made cheaper for most classes. For most classes it's 5 supply points so that would be reduced to 4 points.
Moreover it's also a good idea to have 3 riflegrenades for Light Kit user but the standard 4 riflegrenades for a Heavy Kit user. Currently there's no reason for a riflegrenade user to get Heavy Kit because it only gives you 5 extra rifle rounds (riflegrenades do not increase with Heavy Kit currently).
Not to shameless self-bump but I'm really hoping for some input from the developers (and other people of this forum). I was told on stream that my "STG-to-Assault" idea was cool but this post goes into much more detail how the idea would work. I really think Support class could use an extra smoke grenade plus making heavy kit cheaper for the class. Having the STG be limited for Assault class so that one Assault player would have to use MP40 is ideal.

Ignore this ****. I was mistaken. Heavy kit does actually give an extra grenade. I hadn't tested it. Sad

Basically if the STG goes to the assault class then German Support would obviously use Heavy kit. So a German Support player can use 3 smokes if he wants to.
Are developers even posting here??? I made a blatant mistake but no one corrected me lol.

Kinda sad if this post doesn't get noticed by developers...
Agree with all the suggestions for fixes abobe the horizontal line. Don't play enough PVP to be able to comment on the later ones. The developers read the boards, but most of these ideas have already been floated and rejected or ignored. I wouldn't hold my breath Big Grin
I'm sure since the game is now out they want to improve things that already exist in the game. Early Access was more of a testing ground and they wanted to get things right in terms of design, what weapons, classes and units are in the game and in general what the UI/game looks like. Now they can improve upon those.

Edit: Also I am sure they are super busy with the 1000+ survey results they received. This next update could be pretty massive.

Since I've already posted here again I might as well share a new idea I have, that improves upon the OP.

Instead of just Assault getting a "Quicker reload speed" that improves reloading speed obviously, it could be a "Quicker weapon handling" bonus. It improves reload speed like suggested before BUT also gives you a free Sling attachment for MP40/C96. That is it costs 0 supply points and can't be disabled (just like radio kit for Radioman).

Also just a random idea I got is to give Radioman the ability to call in certain fire supports by himself (and I mean Radioman calls it just like an Officer would call it) WHEN the Officers are dead (or no one plays them). Officers are the leaders of the team and should be in charge of fire support but when he dies we can imagine that he dies permanently and thus Radioman can be in charge until another Officer arrives (I swear im not overthinking this). Could be limited to supply drops and smoke barrages only. That can act as the bonus for Radioman. Though I wouldn't mind if my other idea (giving Radioman a better radio in some way) is implemented. Note this idea only applies to RADIOMAN/FUNKER class. Not just any radio.

I'm still not really sure as how to encourage Radiomen to stick with Officers though. I know removing the "Quicker capture speed" might not necessarily encourage them. Maybe my suggestion above is good in this case because at least a competent Radioman player could help his team even more. People will start to realize the power of Radioman and Officer and start to play them properly.

[Edit no.2]
Oh and a big problem with having "Quicker capture speed" as the bonus is when you have a new player coming into the game, who doesn't know what the radio actually does, he reads that and he thinks that the only ability radio gives him is the quicker capture speed. In reality it's that AND giving Officer the ability to call-in fire support. 

Assuming devs don't completely change how Radioman/radio kit works, they AT LEAST need to change the bonus to just "Has radio kit" (makes sense since it costs 0 supply points for Radioman) as well as teaching newer players EXACTLY what the radio kit does. Like for example just put a 3D model of the radiokit somewhere next to the character model (in the class/weapons selection screen) and put a big text box there explaining what the radio does. 

Also I've suggested it before but the radio kit (not Radioman class) could have an additional bonus and that is being able to see how much any objective is captured (by friendly team or enemy team) from the HUD no matter how far you're away from it. It's a minor thing and shouldn't break the game or anything.
Anyone want to give an opinion on the Radioman/radio and Assault,Rifleman class attribute changes? Developers? Are you even here? Tongue

I actually think giving Assault class "quicker weapon handling" is legit. Rifleman getting extra movement speed seems really good too. I'm still not sure about Radioman attributes so that's why I'm asking.

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