Does anyone think the game would benefit from an extra class? Maybe more immersion could be added by adding a Combat Medic class?

I think that's the only thing missing for me, it would be interesting if the combat medic class had dropable medic bags for people to heal themselves. Maybe introducing a 'patching up' animation in which players can heal other players.
The point of a medic in war time isnt to fix people. its to make them die less... so a medic wouldnt make much sense in a game like DOI
(03-04-2017, 21:04)The_Amish Wrote: The point of a medic in war time isnt to fix people. its to make them die less... so a medic wouldnt make much sense in a game like DOI

Yet, you can go to the crates and fully heal?

I thought it would be great to incorporate a medic class that throws medpacks but it would pretty much render the supply crate useless that the officers can call in.

With reviving team mates it would take away that intense feeling of knowing if you fall you have to hope and pray that a team mate captures the next objective so you can respawn.
Imagine wasting 3 seconds of your life magically bringing a splattered teammate back to life only to have him die from the very next bullet.
I always resisted adding a medic, because it allows people to be "forgiven" for getting killed. It's un realistic, detracts from the high stakes nature of tactical combat, and adds another role which will not always be played by a good player. Especially not throwing out medic packs, that's just lazy and encourages bad playing.
Might be an idea for coop, but for multiplayer, no thanx.
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

I wouldn't advocate reviving teammates. If you're hit enough that it kills you it should kill you.

I'm simply saying healing teammates who have been injured. Combat medics were/and still are a very recognizable part of war in film, television, and games, just wanted to see what people thought.

I respect all of your opinions though.
I'd really like to see a drag and reinforce mechanic, that seems more tactical and balanced. Where any soldier has one mecdkit and can bandage a casualty and drag to a CP, where the medic either heals or respawns them. That makes it a real team effort, and there is a preference towards protecting the medic and handling casualty recovery as a squad priority. Every class should be able to do assistive tasks like that, where AGs carry spare barrels/ammo to buff machinegunners or Engineers carry resupply flares that give everyone access to double their ammo carried. It makes for a much more interdependent team.

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