There are several systemic problems I have with the current fire support system.
1. The targeting requires the officer to stand up in the middle of a gunfight and visually identify a target. This makes him a huge target for a relatively long time.
2. The commo rose is a terrible system for fast use. Even with practice I spend 3-8 seconds exposed trying to select the right option. It also makes picking the right support option a fine motor control operation. It also changes locations of support options between versions, factions and mods, so muscle memory will fail here.
3. There is no way to cancel a fire mission, other than quickly re-requesting the same fire support type on a new target before it is acknowledged. If one accidentally calls a strafing run instead of supply on one's own team, there isn't anything except running to cover which will work.
4. Bots and other players have no awareness of what is being called in.
5. If the radioman is just outside range, the whole fire support mission needs to be called again. Coordinates for targeting and fire support type are not saved.

My ideal design for fire support (if we aren't allowing preplanned or map-based targeting, as it should really be done) is this:
1. Someone has binoculars and targets a point
2. It shows up on officers' map in all modes, and HUD in non-hardcore servers, so he can see the target is correct.
3. Officer selects fire support type from a menu
4. As soon as the officer is near a radio, the mission is sent.
5. Radioman calls out "Fire mission, this location" and all players have a grid coordinate in their chat, map icon on non-hardcore servers.
Yeah I was wondering why my fire support commands kept getting cancelled. I don't like that at all. It's fine if it gets cancelled when the Officer/Radioman dies, but not when it's out of range. At least the range should be waaaaay bigger cause I've had commands cancelled when we're 10 meters apart.

I have already suggested a system where you're able to "tag" a location and then call in fire support to that location no matter where you're aiming. I still think there should be some amount of delay however. Enemies should have a chance to kill the Officer, especially a sniper. If they can just pop their heads out for 1 millisecond that it not really fair imo. If you mean you're literally standing in the middle of a gunfight and you have 5 players aiming at you, well, you kinda deserve to die. There's definitely areas in the maps where you can somewhat safely call in fire support.

They could make use of the compass to let players know where something is called in.
I don't want to sound like a ****, but if you're not telling your teammates where the arty is landing either vocally or typing in chat, than you should consider doing that.
Yeah, but I can't tell you how many times I will tell teammates in chat and radio of where support is going, only to have three dumb teammates run into the fire zone, die, and get me kicked from server. It's great on servers with experienced players, but for pub games it's enough of a problem that it needs to be addressed.

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