It is always nice to have a Map Vote system after a round but the insurgency map vote has some problems it is always a only choice between 6 Maps with given gameplay styles.
So it happens often that "Refresh" is the most chosen button because of the lack of options and after 2 or more Refreshes the entire Vote cost over 1-2min vote time.
With a more scroll list oriented system can be more maps listet and the entire Vote can be much faster.

[Image: mapvote.jpg]
That's too many choices. Maybe two votes, one for "game mode" and the next for "what map". This should cover the same amount of map/mode combos, but let players vote quickly and decisively.
I'll admit that I don't play with 'random' folks and while I do like the OP's idea, Jared is correct, to many choices results in confusion, indecision and loss of game time.
I kinda like how warhammer did it. when you click on something and select it. you can't change afterwards. it encouraged more decisive voting imo

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