Hi there,

I recently decided to cancel my Tiger's Lair and some unanounced projects too. Since I don't longer participate and will not keep my promise to release my work I want to give it to public domain so someone else can continue the work or use it to create something new.

In my projects I'm usually go for something entirely different experience or very heavy researched and unused settings. In "Tiger's lair" it's a tank factory that was an unusal setting at that time, "Tiefenangst 1942" was a try for a story-based psycho/horror mod inside of DoI and "Unternehmen Feuerzauber" featured a all new VIP-gamemode with a functional Sd.Kfz (Armored car), inspired by Wolfentstein: Enemy Territory, Team Fortress 2 and similar game modes.

Conditions if you use my stuff:
  • None
  • You don't have to credit me.
  • You don't even have to mention or think of me if you want
  • It would be nice if you could write in here if and where you used some of the stuff or if it helped you in any way. Just out of curiosity Smile

Tiger's lair
My main project and the most advanced one development-wise, it's basicly a complete playable map. Just needs some final layout adjustments, more detailing, optimizing and gameplay refinement. It also features a handfull of highly detailed instances that you can use or if you're not familiar with the instance-system you can use them to learn it with some functional examples.
Also there are some info_particle_system's I used in some crater but they never were activated, so you know.

Tiger's lair was my approach to make a map in german territory and featuring a unused setting. Also I quite like the PzKfw VI Tiger and their "Legend". The tanks in itself didnt hardly make a huge difference in the war since its late and outnumbered arrival but they did spread fear and panic when they appeared. I wanted to make a dark and gritty map which delivers exactly that feeling. Some sort of atmosphere I wanted to achieve was like the Tiger battle scene in Fury (Spoiler?) (Especially the first 37 seconds ... it's just evil/unholy).

Some textures and models I used may rely on third party content which I obviously can not ship, but I'm sure you can find it yourself, it's all on DOI-Workshop or in these forums. That means: There may be some missing textures/models.

Download all project files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x525llon70p3wz...r.rar?dl=0

Tiefenangst 1942
My approach to deliver a terrifying psychological and story-based experience in a german Type VII-C submarine. "Tiefenangst 1942" (en: A Fear of Dark Water) is a fictional german story about the unarmed and lone player in a submarine, deep below the sea. There is no one aboard, just the groaning and screeching sounds of the tin can you're in keep you company.  Somewhat fighting against the diluvian evil'ish (H.P. Lovecraft'ish) powered by your own mind, a mystery to get the boat back onto the surface and therefore fresh air and your rescue.

The submarine insides need more detailing, far more difficult is the hull, if you try to build it out of brushes anyway. I tried it about three times, but never got usable results out of it. Probably needs a model for outside walls. The idea itself is obviously far to advanced for a simple map. That probably would need very advanced coding skills and a full on modification of the game.

Download all project files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pa4f2q2h1llgtt...2.rar?dl=0

Unternehmen Feuerzauber
Based on VIP-gamemodes from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory and the Lore-Mode of Team Fortress 2 I wanted to make a gamemode/mod set in the spanish civil-war 1936-1939. The german/nationalist forces must escort a Sd.KFz-221/222 to a certain goal. The republican troops had to try to destroy the Sd.KfZ before it reaches the final point. The Sd.Kfz however would shoot back, so it wouldn't be entirely have to rely on players to defend it.

The basic system for this mode itself is quite easy to realize, some part of it is already done. The vehicle (should) drive towards the final path_track. Its just misses a option to get destroyed during that time (func_breakable/func_damage_filter).

"Unternehmen Feuerzauber" (en: Operation Magic Fire) was the callsign for the operation german volunteers fought for the nationalist party in spain.

Some textures and models I used may rely on third party content which I obviously can not ship, but I'm sure you can find it yourself, it's all on DOI-Workshop or in these forums. That means: There may be some missing textures/models.

Download all project files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wjwwz8p9cu3k6w...r.rar?dl=0

So yeah, have fun. If you have any questions about the projects or how you can realize some concepts feel free to ask and if I can help I will.

Best regards

downloaded and trying to get something out
thank you very much matey
i will let you know if something gets out of my brain

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