Some of you may know me, I run 508th PIR, the oldest unit in DOI. We go all the way back to day 1 of the DOI mod. I have been around for all the updates and up until the past 2, I have been very pleased. Please keep in mind while I may "nitpick" at the updates, I do mean this with the up most respect.

1) This new art asset making the loading time 2 minutes long is riduclous. You are worried about the game crashing on people and leaving a bad impression, I get that, but waiting 2 minutes to load into a game is going to leave a worse impression. People will reply with "oh get a better computer" etc. This is 2017 and the game is on source engine. We dont need 1000 dollar gaming rigs to play this. 

I understand that NWI is pushing source engine to the limits but when I have a 600 dollar laptop that is a year old and it takes me over 2 mins (I have timed it numerous times) to join into a server, that is a little excessive. There has to be a compromise. Even if it was lowered somehow to like a minute, but when it takes me forever to load and the teams are already down waves, all the classes full, and sometimes a point already capped, it makes the game not fun at all anymore.

2) This is perhaps the biggest issue, the new multi-player UI. I am not trying to brag, but I am going to use the facts about our Unit and Servers as I know the information about them and don't want to get other unit's stats wrong. We ran the most popular servers in the mod and be came the #2 and #3 servers in all of insurgency  (according to game tracker). I provided servers for commuity map makers to test their maps, devs to hold live streams in, servers for testing, etc. 

When the standalone was released in EA, we worked extremely hard to get some of the first community servers up and once again make sure they are available to the community. We offered NUMEROUS giveaways for DOI to help this game grow. We advertise our custom map server all over so the creators of the maps can show off their hard work and everything. We have always been about the community and having enjoyable servers. We keep all our servers vanilla with exception of killfeed on a few servers and 1 server being an invasion only server.

We used to jump in our servers with 5-6 guys and have 2 servers full (40/40) in about 30 minutes. Now we get 15-20 guys in there for over an hour and maybe 2 or 3 pubbers join. We have had a total of 11 pubbers join any one of our 5 servers (not including our Born to Kill servers) since the update. 11. So in 4 days we have had as many pubbers join as we used to get in 15 mins. 

I understand that you want players to experience the game how it was designed but you are killing off the community owned servers. Some of us spend well over 100 dollars a month to have servers in your game to now be slapped in the face.

Look at the old games that did amazing when they came out and that you are trying to replicate. Day of defeat had one server browser. None of this multiple browsers, auto match, playlist, etc. It was an AMAZING game. Now I know you are your own game and want to be different, ok. We accepted that and made the best of this playlist feature and other things that are apart of DOI and Insurgency.

This auto joining into a NWI server is basically telling us "hey thinks for all the hard work in EA and figuring out how to work with our server setups but we dont want it anymore." People say "well make it so your servers leave a good impression, they will come back." That is very hard to do when they dont even get a chance to join our servers for a first time. Others may say "well it says server browser in the top right corner." The problem with that is it is VERY easily over looked. I have played almost 700 hours and I even over looked it. Also a lot of people who are new will have no idea and you are basically forcing them to choose a playlist and go from there. You provide NO information that there is other ways to join a server. You provide NO information that they can enable the legacy server browser.

We have been so excited for the full release of this game only to be let down by this new auto match feature. Its to the point of do we kep our servers up and HOPE they get populated or cut our losses now and move onto a new game. Some of you maybe thinking its only been 4 days, well 4 days of your servers being completely empty while 8-10 NWI servers are completely full, is a huge hit. You are watching your money being wasted for no reason. 

This game already limits SO much customization as far as server sided goes, and now this. We do not want to leave DOI at all and enjoy the game a lot, but at some point enough is enough. Its really hard to know that the game goes full release tomorrow and we will more than likely be celebrating with empty servers. 

The old server browser did just fine. NWI servers were populated, community servers were populated, everyone was happy. If servers had changed a few little settings or enabled killfeed, its not going to ruin anew players experience. If you make a great game (which you guys had up until these last 2 updates) then server setings wont matter. If anything its just going to push that player away from a particular server and they will just join another one. There has been numerous servers on insurgency that I can't stand. I did not stop playing it, I just found another server that I liked. How do you know that new players will enjoy NWI servers? Why are you limiting their options?

Once again, I mean this with the up most respect and hope you guys at NWI see where we are coming from. I hope more than anything, there is some sort of a fix for this BEFORE the release. If not atleast SOON after. I dont want to leave DOI, I want my unit to continue to grow in DOI and provide an awesome playing experience for people, but I can only sit back and watch my money burn for so long. 

Cpt. B. Price  [508th PIR]
Good post Price. Well said.

I understand your position, especially on point 1. I have an aging rig but I couldn't see any reason for the loading times to go from 10-15 seconds to well over a minute. I've also suffered a few CTDs since the latest fix.

On point 2: Community is everything not just the exemplary work that takes place in the workshops but the places (servers) we call home. When MW2 went back in time to p2p and matchmaking, the swathes of new blood vanished and well populated & Managed servers became deserted. Since the good days of DoD and Cod2 gaming pretty much died for me and my crew[502nd]. - When Insurgency and DoI came out we are starting to come back to life. (though some of our past members remain sceptical.  

If there is anything to ensure communities don't survive, the current server browser set up in this game will tick that box.

Make the Server Browser & History default with a BF2 type 'Play now' button elsewhere!
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Sure hope this is getting read by the team....
They're generally very good at responding and take sensible suggestions on board. Sadly though, these forums are a bit of a spam fest at times. So what little time they spend on here is taken up with housekeeping!

The Steam Forums are very busy with plenty of relevant chatter from the team. I imagine that that's where they'll be 90% of the time.

On why some changes seem unreasonable:

We must admit, we're not commercial casuals. With the current gaming demographic leaning towards one-click and play players, developers such as NWI have to adhere and compromise in order to gain well deserved recognition.

I remember when insurgency went full release (super cheaply) on Steam.  The dregs of gamers that joined servers, died and griped about one-shot-one-kill made me laugh! And like you said above, a place to call home with admin support will filter out these casuals. I am proud to be a supporter of the realism niche, and I always will be.

I don't know what they want these days (apart from kill steak lazer guided attack sharks and un-lockable my little pony weapon skins) -we have to have faith in the Devs and swallow some compromise to keep up with the times.

"If you build it, he will come" - was the old way. In reality, the guy that arrives is a moron.
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It is ridiculous. We are on day 4 since release and our servers have been populated once. Yet there is 15-20 NWI servers populated at ANY given time. It is killing us and making it a waste of money for us. Next option is to move to a different game.

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