Bugs, In no particular order:

After you shoot a rifle grenade from a bolt-action, pressing 1-1 instead of R will skip the bolt cycling animation and go straight to putting a new grenade on

The last time I checked, the Ithica has too many shells, the UI says 7 and it held 11 IIRC, I didn't see this in the patchnotes so I'm assuming it wasn't fixed

Multiple people can get the same end of round tags on the same team

When you first load into a server, you can hear alive teammate's voices as if they were dead (not 3d)

Doing a "snd_restart" ingame kills all voice until the map changes or you rejoin

Changing video settings mid-game usually crashes the entire game

Alt-tabbing is sometimes instant, sometimes takes ages

If the "deathmsgs" tag isn't on a server, it's assumed that they're off even if they might be on; this causes some servers to be filtered incorrectly. This probably affects all tags/filters, not just "deathmsgs"

Rifleman can carry the radio and more total weight than the radioman and has the extra stamina perk to boot, making the only benefit of radioman being different gun options

Reloading a bolt action ejects a round that you never put back in

You can usually reload rifle grenades while sprinting, I doubt this was intended

You shouldn't need to change the clip after every rifle nade with the garand. Not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature, but it seems silly that you put a whole new clip in when you change to rifle grenade mode, yet you have to change the whole clip again after every nade. Why isn't it an entire clip of blanks for nades? I understand that this could cause some confusion if someone were to shoot a nade and then try to shoot the rest of the clip, so perhaps in that situation, either make blanks make a distinctly different firing sound or force a reload instead.

You can't melee with the rifle nade, it just toggles putting the nade on and taking it off

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