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Regroup mechanics
The regroup mechanic as it is now can be annoying to more experienced players, seeing newer players completely neglect this very important feature. I believe the problem is (not) knowing who specifically should regroup. As well as having the Assault class be the most effective class for regrouping (which doesn't make sense for an ASSAULT class).
If there aren't massive changes to Regroup already planned then I suggest these changes:
Add an icon to the players that are within a certain radius of the regroup point. Same as the class icons, can be seen through walls. Doesn't have to be a big icon, could have text that says "near regroup point" when hovering over it. Basically this allows me to determine if it's necessary that I should run back and regroup or if there's a player that's already closer to the regroup point. Avoids wasting my time and my teammates' time. The players that are within this radius should get a "Regroup and get reinforcements!" message on top of their screens.
ALTERNATIVELY: Just like "Moving to objective X", the "On the way" command should say "Going to regroup!" when aiming at a regroup symbol. It should also display a unique icon on the player that said the command and small text with "Going to regroup" when hovering over their icon. The voice line could say something like "I'm going to gather reinforcements" or something like that, though if it's not possible to record voice lines then they can just say "On the way!" as a temporary solution.
Assault class is the most effective class for regrouping because of it's increased movement speed, which kind of goes against the name of the class. Assault class should be attacking objectives. I've already put my ideas about class attributes in my survey, but I really think that assault class should have quicker capture speed and equipped with TNT in sabotage/raid missions.
There's definitely other ways of making this mechanic great. How about making it not-instant but instead it takes time like capturing an objective would and when multiple people get on the regroup point the progress is faster? Would eliminate people just running towards the regroup point and wasting their time.

Item highlight+improved accuracy of picking up items
Currently this is the only thing that bugs me constantly in games. It's way too hard to pick up grenades for whatever reason. I think if the items on the ground get highlighted (name of the item in very small text near the center of the screen would be ideal) it would solve this issue. There's also the problem that sometimes it seems impossible to quickly pick up a grenade from the ground because there's another item nearby it. Maybe the issue is that the game chooses to pick up items that are closest to the player camera and not what I am aiming towards. Not completely sure. I prefer if it was the latter. 
Also for some reason I sometimes have to press my pickup key multiple times on grenades specifically. It usually happens when I have one grenade already but I should have two slots for a grenade. I have no other info on this bug other than that. When I keep spamming my pick up key then eventually I manage to pick up the grenade. It wastes a lot of time though.

Bots in official servers
People aren't really encouraged to join empty/near-empty servers at the moment so I think if all the Official NWI servers had bots in them til a certain point it would encourage it more. I don't like waiting for players in a completely empty server but if there were bots I can just chill and play with bots. For example have 8 bots in all the servers and when people join they would replace these bots. Once 8 players have joined then there are no more bots left and it's just players vs players then. Special Assignments servers can have 4 or 6 bots instead.

Edit: I think I should just mention that this is only necessary if the game isn't getting matchmaking. With proper matchmaking I do not think this is needed.

More accurate radio request commands
I'm not sure why this doesn't exist already but I feel like all non-Officer classes should have specific radio request commands. Currently all non-officer classes simply say "Requesting radio!" when using one of the Fire support radial menu commands. Instead of "Requesting radio!" it should say "Requesting Stuka!" or "Requesting supply drop!".
If ANYTHING being NEAR an officer should allow me to use these specific request commands. 
I know this would perhaps require more voice acting and all that but at least seeing specific requests in the chat instead of "Requesting Radio!" would be nice. Voice lines can be added later.

Ammo pouches on characters
As it is right now all german loadouts show the character models having K98k ammo pouches and I assume US/british characters also have rifle ammo pouches. If it is possible to easily implement this I would love to see it. Adds a small bit of realism to the game. Otherwise if it proves to be too hard then it's fine. 

Simple mortar fire support
Ideally this would behave the same way as Artillery/Explosive barrage fire supports only this would be very accurate (somewhere around 5m radius of where you aim) and perhaps deal less damage/have less wall penetration. Maybe it's also faster than artillery. 
This close to release it's obviously hard to implement something like this but I would at least appreciate if it's in a future update.

Restricted area mechanics
Probably the more problematic part of the game in my opinion. I feel like the restricted areas right now punish players way too much. Not being able to shoot in them doesn't make much sense and is frustrating. The point of restricted areas should be to protect the spawn and avoid spawnkilling. It should punish the enemy a little bit but not make them literally useless in them.
This problem becomes very clear when you are playing in Frontline, just about to attack the enemy point, and suddenly the enemy captures a previous point and you are immediately shown the restricted area message and can't do **** about it. There's likely times like that where it's impossible to escape the enemy restricted area and it's certain death. You could be unfairly killed by a player that isn't even no where near his spawn.
It's kinda hard to think of a solution to this but mine is to show enemy players entering the area through walls with a simple icon (like how classes are currently shown to your teammates even through walls). This icon would be "lingering" (so it's not a literal wallhack but simply updates the position of the enemy player occasionally). There should be a giant message like "ENEMY HAS INFILTRATED OUR BASE" for the non-enemy players that are in the protected area/area that is restricted to the enemy.
To protect the players that just spawned honestly I would go with the simplest solution and that is to give them invincibility. This would basically last for maybe 10 seconds and when the player either exits the small spawn area(basically the regroup area/objective area) OR uses their weapon/grenades then they become vulnerable again. 
Also PLEASE move the huge restricted area warning message away from the center of the screen. That **** is sooooo annoying. Just put it to the top of the screen where other messages appear.

I would appreciate if liberation mode and frontline mode (plus some other modes maybe) had more waves. I feel like the teams can never win by capturing the last objective and rather just win with more waves. Objective capture should still grant only one additional wave though.
When a new wave respawns and I am still alive I should be given about 30 seconds of guaranteed respawn when I die. It just sucks to have a new wave respawn and then literally die 2 seconds later and I can't respawn.
I'm not so keen on your suggested mortar fire or waves changes. Officers already have arty, carpet bombing, and stuka (on Germans). If you want a quick attack, that's where the strafing comes in but nobody uses that because it's not powerful enough and the quick arrival isn't really worth the tradeoff of having to wait a little bit longer for a much larger payoff. I see the same thing happening if mortars were introduced, people would just stick to arty for the bigger boom.

As for the waves, I would rather see longer times between waves for more tactical play than more people just throwing themselves at the points for longer.

Other than those, I think the rest of your suggestions are great and would make the game better.
I definitely get what you mean by the mortar. Basically I thought it was worth adding because honestly what kind of other fire supports are left out there? It's possible it will go largely unused but then there's times where it could really pay off and a few players can use it to their advantage. For example if there's an MG position or sniper's nest then a mortar strike can be very useful. It's much more accurate compared to artillery and will constantly bombard your desired location for like 10-20 seconds. That MG/sniper is gonna have to go somewhere else or waste their time. It can also have a slightly shorter cooldown than artillery and can be placed in a different grouping(meaning other fire supports don't go on cooldown). You could for example combine a Gun Run/Stuka/WP for maximum area denial. It's less of an important suggestion than the other ones definitely and requires a lot of work put into it. Maybe the devs can do something with it dunno.

I do see Gun Run used very often and I use it as well. I'm not sure how good it is but it has certainly killed me and others around me. They can always buff it yknow.

I'm not sure about the waves thing. I put it at the end of the list cause I wasn't really sure about it. It was a last-second thought. The very least they could do is implement the second idea. Guaranteed respawn for 30 sec or so when you're alive and wave spawns.
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These are all great solutions. I'd just want to be careful with adding too much and making all the teams differently-skinned identical factions.

I want to see something like Wehrmacht gets extra MG42s, Americans get faster or more spawn waves, and Brit riflemen can call in 5-round mortar barrages infrequently. Something like having these extra abilities to differentiate the teams, rather than making everyone have more waves/kits/support options, seems smarter.

I'd also like to have the sniper able to call in enemy positions for officer to call arty, and better officer control of fire support. As it it, it's a really clunky interface.
Seems good to me.

I'd rather have US be able to call in mortar barrages since Brits already have an extra fire support (white phosphorous). I'm not sure how it's best to implement mortar barrages for riflemen though. Maybe if they have special binoculars? Then again how would they do it without a radio? A two-in-one binoculars+radio kit item? I think if only US officer can call in mortars then it should be fine.

Don't think the devs want to implement "tagging" system or whatever. If officer sticks close to a sniper then they can communicate where an enemy is (using "enemy spotted"). Officer also has binoculars so I mean it's not really needed.

Interface could be improved. I've memorized the placement fairly well but I sometimes still forget where they are. Would be nice if the cursor is visible too. Maybe adding icons makes it better.

Something should also tell the player how important calling in supply drop is for example. Not enough players do it honestly. It has an independent cooldown and you only have to wait 10/15 seconds before the next fire support. Even if you drop it near spawn it could be useful.
Yeah. Ideally, a radio near riflemen should allow them to call for fire, just like the officer. Or, if a rifleman has a radio, he can call it directly. My concern is that right now the entire off map support tree is in the hands of one officer. If the officer dies, or is just a nublet, the team takes a major hit. So, spreading that job around and allowing them to complement each other seems like a better bet to me.

Ideally, I'd have the radio move with the squad, the squad calls in fire support, and officer OKs it. Something where the officer can give them a mission but have full battery fire, or other buffs for the requested actions would also be worth looking into.
I think if Support class for example could call in smoke barrages, mortar barrages and supply drops that would be totally fine with me. Instead of smoke barrage and artillery sharing the same cooldown, smoke&mortar barrage could share the same cooldowns. Artillery cooldown would be a bit longer as a result (20-30 sec longer). But the developers might think differently and want Officer to be in charge of all of that stuff. Because officer IS basically in charge after all.

Then again I don't think most Officer players will really care. The more dedicated ones might though.

This is all just quick ideas I came up with.

Edit: Since commonwealth have WP barrage already then I guess commonwealth wouldn't have mortar barrage and Support can call that in instead. Mortar barrage would be sort of similar to WP except that you can possibly escape from it and it has a slightly shorter cooldown.
I like the idea of different team members having different abilities. I think it'd need a little more balancing, but maybe even something like officer can call additional rounds if a spotter is present, or being able to call air and artillery at the same time if there are two radiomen nearby.

I'd like to see the system require more coordination, right now officer and radio are the only two "connected" roles. There should be bonuses and abilities that are only available when people are together, like a rifleman being able to resupply the machinegunner or grouped riflemen charging having a higher suppression resistance.
I would like to see War Cries be implemented in the game. I was playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare a few days ago, and fell in love with the hand-to-hand combat, doing war cries, and slicing people's heads and limbs off. I would love to play Insurgency with my character yelling "ALLAH HU AKBAR" while mowing down enemies with an AK.

In addition to the war cry, I think adding a sword for the Insurgents would be really cool. I would like to behead people in this game, just like in Chivalry: MW.
Small correction to my post just in case.

I've recently realized that not only Radiomen have the quicker cap speed bonus but ALL classes wearing a radio (so rifleman and assault can have the same bonus).

So maybe the quicker capture speed can stay, with perhaps a minor nerf to how much additional capture speed it gives you. However it shouldn't display the "quicker capture speed" bonus but a different bonus instead. I'm still not completely sure as to what. Being able to see how much the enemy team or your own team has captured an objective for example. It's not huge but it does kinda make sense and a good radioman player can help his team with this information. That's probably not going to encourage people to pick the class either so ehhhhhh maybe this isn't a good bonus.

Assault class could still have increased capture speed however, with radio providing a very small extra speed. Alternatively it could have extra reload speed.

I think rifleman should get the quicker movement speed bonus.

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