It gets frustrating at how bots are either
1. Too accurate with their grenade lobs and tosses. Even when they shouldn't possibly know your location (eg, when you are hidden by another building, they are still able to send a nade over and have it land right smack at your feet. That coupled with the ridiculous flight duration makes it borderline impossible to escape since grenades usually explode almost immediately upon hitting the floor.

2. To eager to spam molotov cocktails. It's annoying when you get hit with a broken molotov cocktail throw from the middle of nowhere, and sometimes the bots don't even seem to have a good reason to throw them at all, it's almost like they're programmed to toss any toy they have in their inventory. Just yesterday my entire team got wiped out one by one by individual molotov cocktails hitting our bodies and frying us almost instantly.

These problems make the game harder on coop but not fun or challenging since there is practically no way to counter them at all. Avoid bunching up? Haha, too bad, you're gonna die on your own and get picked off one by one like yesterday. Stay indoors more? Haha, on maps like Tell there are some parts where you have no choice but to move to open ground for the nade spam.

It's one of the things that seem to be holding INS coop from its fullest potential, and I hope it would be fixed eventually.
It's true and I feel our pain.

Depending on Difficulty level, the bots are very sensitive to noise even through buildings. Their current line of sound radius is not interrupted or blocked by most solid objects therefore; the ridiculous nades/mollies will keep happening.

As you've said: If your squad moves together, you will die together. There's no tactical counter to this issue other than spacing out and hoping.
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The way bots use grenades isn't the way I'd do it. I'd much rather see bots realize that a room has players in it (either seeing/hearing players or seeing dead bots), and throw a cooked grenade in the door to clear. This makes a lot more sense, and is more tactically correct, than to artillery bomb me from the other side of a building.
Sounds good sounds op

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