For those Flatout 2 fans from the past....




[Image: sound_pack_small.jpg] [Image: reticle_pack_small.jpg]

There's kind of a game slightly like this, but more of a Flatout meets Vigilante 8.


[Image: 76561198031598996.png]

It's out! Go get it!

[Image: sound_pack_small.jpg] [Image: reticle_pack_small.jpg]

Flatout 2 was fantastic, and though Ultimate Carnage's driving feel didn't feel quite right, it is still hella fun to play with friends. I'm amazed at the destruction model of NCG, I really can't wait to see more content coming for the pre-alpha version.

Was there a Flatout 3?


I was a big fan of FO2 back in my racing days. This looks interesting.

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Flatout 3 sucked, it was basically just Flatout2 modded into garbage.


Flatout 2 was the best. It played great with just a keyboard. Of all the racing games out there, it had some of the best Ai drivers. Most of all the game was very unpredictable, because even if you were a great driver and knew how to race each track perfectly, there was still the very high chance of track debris causing you to crash. It was sad when they disabled the ability to host a game. I played that game from the day it released all the way up until they shutdown the ability to "connect to internet". I used to have no problems getting 7 drunk friends together to do some rage racing.


This is the Flatout 2 intro movie...


My favorite car game was darts.

[Image: sound_pack_small.jpg] [Image: reticle_pack_small.jpg]

oh man that game is fuckin intense

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