A Level Overview is the map that shows up in the squad selection as well as the tactical map.


These should be included with every map release and are not too tough to make. Since Insurgency is on the CS:GO engine, these instructions work perfectly for making level overviews for Insurgency.


It's just a few steps and makes your map a lot easier to learn and play so more people will play it.


Here are a few example level overviews that I did of the recent insmod ports.


Just follow the above instructions and it works!

Important stuff! Sticky for great justice!


EDIT: Justice has been served.

These are the proper file locations for overview maps and load screens.


Overview map VMT and VTF:



Overview map script:



Loading Screen VMT and VTF:


Thats exactly where mine are and they work.  What I did find is you cannot repack the bsp.


Heres what I mean...I packed the bsp and  had the loading screen and overviews working  but I forgot to build cubemaps.  I built them and added to the bsp pack.  This broke the overviews and loading screens for some reason.  No matter what I did they would not show.


You need to pack it in this order ALL AT ONCE!!!  Make sure you have a backup compile in case something fails.


1.  Start with freshly compiled bsp

2.  Start the game and build cubemaps (they will save automatically to the bsp)

3.  Now use PakRat to add the overview and loading screen files.  (Pakrat was the one that worked best for me)

4.  Save the bsp and it should work.


Remember,  you must start with a fresh compile that has not been packed with anything yet.  
[Image: mike.gif]
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
They're working now...thanks.  I'll send those maps to you shortly.

anyone else having issues packing the overview files? Mine can't detect the VGUI folder inside the materials directory. (the other 2 work fine)




So I had to manually locate and pack certain files (which explains why I've always had packing issues for the past year...)  <_<


I've had terrible success with most packing programs. I'm using VIDE currently. TopHattWaffle has a great tutorial on how to use it:

No problems here.  Seems like everytime I have that type of problem, it's a typo on my part (either in the directory name or vmf).

Can we get an alpha-blended 1024x1024 image for the grid coordinates to lay onto the overviews? I see a lot of custom maps are missing them, I can create one myself in ImageMagick if we need to, but if there is one that NWI would be willing to share, we could be sure they all look the same.

Edit: I actually managed to recreate it very close to the NWI official overview grid. See http://ins.jballou.com/grid.php - it automatically figures out the average color of the image and paints the grid. The output of all the options I offer is at http://ins.jballou.com/images/grid - you can choose white or black as the color, and the numbers are opacity where 0 is opaque and 96 is very light. Just overlay that onto your map overview, and bam, done.

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