Hey guys! 

Just bought this game on steam, after I remembered all the good times I had with the early GR games on PS2.

Anyone else playing this? Would be cool with some online-games, I think it is still possible. Heh! 

Even thought the game is 12 years old, it is WAY better than most of the FPS shooters these days. I love it! 


I might buy this just to play with you. I've wanted to try it for a long time anyway...


Do you have rainbow six: raven shield? I believe it's similar. We could also play that if you're up! (or anyone else)

I don't have any Rainbow Six games(Played them before though), but Raven Shield doesnt cost much, so I can just buy it! 

Anyone else? Would be cool to be a few people! 

I've got Rainbow Six Raven Shield, and would be down to play with anyone whenever I've got some free time. The only problem I've found has been that creating and joining servers doesn't seem to work very well if you're trying to setup your own private matches, and I haven't found a good workaround yet.

 Rainbow Six Raven Shield, in my opinion, probably the most tactical FPS ever. Amazing game with full of great memories. Still have the DVD case!
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I used to play this game non-stop on the original Xbox! Had a blast back in those days!

Ghost Recon 2 and Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike were my favs.


I also played a lot of Rainbow Six 3 and Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow. Best two Rainbow Six versions (other than Vegas) imo.

All of these games both SP and multiplayer/online... but online is where it was really at!


Good times! Thanks for reminding me of this Haarfagr!

brings me bac 2 my old xbox days. live was barily existing, @ og ghost recon was da ****.

Can you summarize a list of pros and cons? 

Would be interesting to read, and if good enough (according to my opinion), it might even change my mind to buy this game.  Wink

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I'm playing it. hardest difficulty, on the 3rd map
Still on the 3rd map lol

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