As some of you will discover when you play our Training level for the first time, the game's shift towards supporting Cooperative has opened new doors for potentially developing a mission-driven campaign experience that can be played both alone and cooperatively (think L4D2).


We are curious if any of you have any ideas for what you would consider to be an epic Insurgency campaign experience. While we plan on focusing in large part on multiplayer in the coming months, depending on the game's success we do hope to slowly work on a campaign using the platform we've built, which would also contain a very massive update to the Cooperative component of the game with the arrival of advanced mission-driven Coop.


Let us know your ideas!

Jeremy Blum
Founder & Game Director
New World Interactive
As you mentioned L4D2, a nice coop campaign would be:

chopper gets shot in afghanistan mountains and 4 players survive. Now they have to go from destroyed chopper to a safety zone and defend themselfe from the attackers who shot the chopper. On their way there could be some smaller objectives like destroy the terrorist hideout or defend a villager. Maybe a mission where the pilot survives and you have to escort him too.

there are a lot good possible scenarios, im sure you'll make the best of it. Great game, my #1 FPS of all time.
Well I would avoid the whole epic 'end of world' scenario, it has been done to death.




I would on single co-op/single player missions. Objectives like securing intel, destroying a radio tower, defusing a bomb etc.


The missions don't even have to be linked. Nobody needs a big storyline in a tactical shooter. As long as there are clever and challenging objectives then everyone would be happy. Maybe a POW rescue mission. Anything in a CQB environment would fit this game.


There should be security missions and Insurgent missions.


Maybe the insurgents have to hold a compound... Or maybe you are a suicide bomber who has infiltrated a government building and you must find a way to reach a high ranking officer and detonate.


There are endless possibilities... Just make sure each mission is unique and challenging. Oh and remember that you don't need a storyline, they are way overrated ^^

Base storyline:

You are part of a spec ops team who have to retrieve a VIP who has intel for the HQ about a bomb attack.


Ideas of missions for a campaign:

  1. You extract the VIP from an ins base (PUSH mode).
  2. You bring the VIP to the chopper for air extraction. (VIP)
  3. You get surrounded in a school (or whatever) and have to defend it waiting for the chopper. (Outpost)
  4. You now have to find the bomb and defuse it before it blasts the whole neighbourhood. (Search & Defuse Tongue)
  5. You finally have to escape the area following a specific path and avoid a maximum of contact. (Checkpoint stealth mode)
Regarding the PUSH mode, what I suggested in n.1 is that you don't have any specific path to reach your objectives in the contrary of n.5 where the main goal would be to stick to the path and kill the least ins possible.


Well, as said before, the possibilities are, with some adjustments, endless!

You are on an every day patrol mission, you are moving with your platoon in a convoy consisting of an humvee, APC and a MBT. being on the inside of the APC, you hear the radio comms:


Part 1:Insurgents Ambush




IED explosion, insurgents ambush.


Being some of the very few that survived the blasts, your first objective is to fight off the attack with your surviving men from the APC that is now immobilized. Both the MBT and the humvee are demolished, and you must fend of the attacking forces.


Part 2:This isn't just a patrol mission


After recovering from the attack, your primary objective is to get to the ex-filtration point at an LZ at the end of the map. However you will encounter additional objectives as your communications informs you on the different objectives nearby.


Secondary objectives will have their own rewards, such as providing assistance to a forward operation base (FOB ) will allow you to resupply for the resources found and revive your fallen team-mates if any are dead (from the soldiers that you have provided help to). Or providing assistance for combat engineers to destroy targets of high value (like strike), removal of possible IED threats on the road and or the operations in maintaining a damaged vehicle (provide support and repel attackers, like a VIP who needs your protection for a duration whilst he does things).


Part 3:Too hot for landing


While you near the LZ of your ex-filtration, you encounter a large scale attack which deems the area too hot for pick-up via air. You witness the choppers fall back as the many RPG's make the mission too risky. So your exit is delayed for a few minutes while you must secure the area and get rid of the many enemies. You must survive and defend the key area's objectives untill the friendlies come take you home via ground transport.
I'm tired of playing as the U.S. all the time. I want to play as the Taliban or Al-Qaeda for once. I wanna see both sides of the story, y'know?

If there is a co-op campaign it should allow for at least nine or more players. The campaigns with just a four-man fireteam shootin' up the whole Russian Army are getting old.

CPT Garrett Reeves, CO

Combined Arms Strike Team
TLBig GrinR - Co-op Campaign, a mission editor, with civilian bots.


Think of taking two small fire teams through a large map hunting for 5 insurgents with 60+ civilians milling around. Insurgents could be bots, or they could be human players in a tactical realism simulation kind of exercise.  Incorporate other objectives, like capturing / defending points and destroying weapons caches - this would allow the game platform to really allow some of the gaming clans and groups to explore all kinds of things as they develop their own content to us on top of the Insurgency platform.


Scoring could be affected by both killing/wounding civilians, but also suppressing (aka shooting too close to) civilians could penalize the assault force.  


Also, as much as I appreciate the objective based gameplay insurgency has, it makes average server gameplay much better, not having an open 'sandbox' mode where clans can create their own scenarios, role play and not be bound by objectives and time frames would be helpful. 


Simply put, the more open the game is in terms of creating, managing the environment, the more user content we can build on top of the platform. Certainly in many situations controlling the gameplay is helpful, competitive play requires a rigid set of rules. But being able to play with real people and (different kinds of) bots allows us to create an endless amount of scenarios. 


I see Insurgency as a platform for us to build a lot of things on. All the pieces are there - I'm excited to see where it all goes.

Warm regards,


And what about the stealth missions?
i would like to see multiplayer missions as well, like 3 maps that built up on each other, maybe a harbor, a forest and a city map that are somehow connected.


i think you could easily add some deeper co-op story to it later with all the details u dont get in the multiplayer combat.


[Image: johnwayneb.jpg]

Could be cool to have the Co-Op missions (or at least the first one in a campaign) start out with the players in rag-tag clothing as they've just escaped captivity in an enemy camp. Maybe they're being chased, maybe their captors haven't raised the alarm yet and the players currently are just trying to sneak out of the areas. Let's say they start with knives or some other simple weaponry with very limited ammo. They must sneak up on enemies and kill them, take their weapons and switch often as the weapons run out of ammo. Maybe there are weapon caches they can find in the maps to resupply with. With the limited ammo you get in each weapon you pick up, it could get pretty tense. Every shot counts, etc.


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