(04-01-2017, 17:43)Zuki Wrote: For a community to grow and thrive, there needs to be clans/communities that play the game. And there is simply no place to find them right now. It would also in turn bring more traffic to the forums and thus growing the community.

There is literally no downside to having a forum dedicated to that.

I'm still with you.

This is still a young game and there's still hope. Back in the day there were some very good clans with well run dedicated servers in games such as Cod:UO, Cod2 and latterly MW. Since the gaming market went to fast releasing bad games, peer2peer matchmaking and too many bells and whistles within the games themselves; the more tactical gamers lost interest and the places we used to call home vanished.

I cannot promote this game enough to the guys I used to play with back in UO & COD2 and I hope to draw them back in to the fragging with this world class, more refined period shooter. People also need to know that you don't need a ground breaking, master race machine to play it on!

Set up a new Thread and the clans may come back.

Look up the following groups: 502nd PIR, 509th.net and eXotactical.

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